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  1. As far as im aware (Brett might need to correct me) The only difference on the new DMD is the connector so this should not effect any thing? Me and Brett did agree having the pinDMD use open drain gpio would work better with the xPin DMD rather then the push pull gpio the standard firmware uses. Hopefully that firmware solves your problem .
  2. Can you give this firmware a try jasonsmith www.pindmd.com/rev598-16-XPIN.dfu
  3. has it just started doing this jasonsmith or has it always been this way? looks like a timing issue with the pinDMD and not a power problem. Ill try and dig out the special version of firmware.
  4. I don't see any problem running it missing a few segments, It certainly will not effect the pinDMD. Might want to ask pinLED just to confirm
  5. Hmmm is this because they are becoming more rare? Or do these companys know people are going to want to use them? so they are bumping the prices up. The GPIO thing does not fix the power issue, that is a side effect of the DMD electronics not the pinDMD. The change was to fix some issues with some of the xpin displays.
  6. No worries, Thanks for sending the display out as i could not of figured it out without seeing the problem for my self all 12v Vishay Plasma will work 100% now with the latest firmware on pinDMD V2 Thanks again Ton!!
  7. if no video is coming out id say its fried you really need an oscilloscope to check the io lines see if they are still working.
  8. oh crap, hmm if 12v got down the logic lines it would seriously hurt the pinDMD not really unless you got access to a real pinball machine? if you have you can test the dmd/pinDMD
  9. yup, either the display is dead but if you have sent off and got another back i cant believe they would send out two dead displays, must be the pinDMD? was it working then died? or never worked? have you got access to a pinball to quickly test the pinDMD on (can just power it using a usb charger or some thing does not need a pc just power)
  10. sounds like a problem with the pinDMD? which version are you 1 or 2? do you want to return it so i can test it?
  11. whats your display doing wrong sacredgaming, is it the single 0603 led version?
  12. Hello Cool thanks for helping out , hopefully I can now track down the problem and tweak the firmware accordingly Ill pm you my Address, let me know how much the shipping is and ill cover it
  13. is this the 12v vishay plasma display? been having alot of problems with this, it works for some people but does not work for others, some other people and now running normal high voltage plasmas ok without problems, so it seams to be this 12v vishay which seams to not work for some people. iv gone over the firmware many times and cant see any problems with the timing. I cant really solve the problem without having a dodgy unit in front of me to play with, i have the exact same display at the moment but the 192x64 version and it works great. Would you be willing to ship the display to me so i can have a play see whats up? We can insure it for £500 and package it very well. Let me know
  14. one thing i noticed with the matrix vs single led is on the matrix the pixels are larger so the image seams a little bit clearer as they are not spaced apart so much, but im always lookin at it from like a foot away lol im sure the single led version looks ok from a few foot like you would view in a cab.
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