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  1. the above links are overkill as you only need the high power components which is about 20% of those boards lol the rest is all the graphics drivers. virtuapin im pretty sure will be selling every thing needed for plasma dmd's soonish from what i read in a thread on vp forums. I have a zeb board that i am not using as the plasma dmd i bought did not work so gave up lol. if you like you can have this board for cheap. give me a shout at russdx @ gmail com if interested
  2. Yeah i think every one is sold out of pinDMD's, virtuapin will have them again soonish though. I do have one left its my original prototype one, works just like the others but had a little bit of messy smd soldering when i was testing some components. If your desperate for a pinDMD i can sell you this one of a kind pinDMD2 you will need to speak to zeb about the power board / i think there are also other versions available. i think they are listed in the other thread.
  3. So that's why you guys add all this under cab lighting, to grow your 'special' plants lol
  4. If you already have the plasma DMD. all you need is a transformer + power supply board. The actual DMD is the most expensive part and you already have it. A real pinball Plasma DMD looks a MILLION times better then a crappy lcd.
  5. You can get even simpler Put a normally closed micro or leaf switch on the knocker that when the knocker is activated breaks the switch. This way it will fire but will cut its own power once fired. I guess a stuck signal would cause it to just keep firing over and over, so it would not fry, but by it probably sounding like a machine gun it would get your attention pretty quickly to reset the game lol
  6. All real pinballs have hardware fail safes on the solenoid matrix and even the lamp matrix (if it stops scanning and sticks on a row those lamps are getting fried!) Usually hardware watchdog timers checking each output and if it sees it on for to long it just disables it. Prevents burnt coils from bad programming / crashed code. I would not hook a real coil upto a ledWiz / pinMame without a hardware watchdog timer as you have NOOO idea what it can set that output to hehe.
  7. Does this support still need to be added? If it does has any one got any ideas how to support it? I don't use Hyperpin my self so im not 100% sure how it all works. I have noticed in videos that when selecting games the background glass changes. Is this using that b2s server? Does it some how receive events from hyperpin every time you scroll to a new game on the wheel select thing? Can a plugin be written to send the game logo to the pinDMD this way? Any ideas would be cool
  8. We tried another pc and the pinDMD worked fine. It is a problem with the motherboard usb chipset for some reason it just outright refuses to talk to the pinDMD hardware will not even get a pid/vid off the pinDMD and this is the first thing a piece of usb hardware will do. Another pinDMD user told me about a PCI express card they are using with the pinDMD so I think this will solve the problem
  9. China wont even open your email unless its 100+ batch
  10. How much current are the contactors drawing? / What size fuses are you using?
  11. Thats cool Add some diodes when running the motor to stop the back spikes from blowing your Amplifier up. http://www.onsemi.com/pub_link/Collateral/LM324-D.PDF
  12. haha indeed those zeb boards really do make the wiring so much simplier lol
  13. pinLED is 12v so this is probably why the DMD is not working. pinDMD does not get recognized by some newer mother boards im not sure what they have changed but its happened a few times now on newer mother boards. the easiest/painless solution i have found is to just use cheap pci usb cards. can you find a pci x1 usb card?
  14. thats a niceeee motor just 8bhp under me but from a 2 litre petrol is freaking impressive lol
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