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  2. Thanks AVAR for the videos. I suffer from Dyslexia and have problems with lots of stuff sometimes. Especially tutorials that are unclear or don’t get updated on a regular bases. So I am very grateful for your work being so clear and very structured. Thanks so much Dave
  3. hey kevrish contact me through email [email protected] daruble

  4. thanks for the input and taking the time to help me have a good day
  5. People dont usually respond to my post not sure what i post is not interesting to you all or if I have just ticked off the wrong people but please if some one would be willing to read this and point out the flaws in my idea please do. Thanks While surfing the net I located this page http://lifehacker.com/how-to-turn-your-raspberry-pi-into-a-retro-game-console-498561192 that explains how to use a $35.00 micro computer. To run all you consoles. I thought it was interesting for an all in one console. But can Hyperspin with all the movies and snaps and intros run under Linux??? The other question can a rasberry use a hard drive? I know I could use a standard computer and this wouldn't be an issue for me. EXCEPT I have an old Intellivision 2 that I want to use as the case for my all in one console. I was considering putting a computer inside like a mini ITX motherboard. But the intellvision 2 only has room for 6 1/4" X 7"? Most of the ITX boards run around 6 3/4 inches and I was able to find a smaller motherboard thats why I am looking at the Pi. The next step is do I convert all my controls to usb and mount a usb 3.0 hub to the front of the Intellivision 2 that way I can use Atari 2600,5200,7800 Intellivision 2 coleco all through the USB or I could use this http://www.intellivision.us/intvgames/interface/interface.php I also though about making all of my retro controllers wireless using this idea http://www.instructables.com/id/Making-a-Nintendo-SNES-controller-into-bluetooth-/ for all of the older games even the Intellivision controller Thanks Dave
  6. Hey bubsy54 I bought the Ultimarc Joystick for the 1st Player joystick. It is capable of doing both 4-way and 8-way with out having to open the CP to switch it to either one. Everything else I bought from http://www.tornadoterrys.com/surplus.htm he sells a lot of happ parts in sets on ebay and his site he has sets of new parts ready to ship all you have to do is email him you color choices. I have not built my CP I am in process of moving again. Also still not really sure how I want mine yet so I cant really give any more advice on CP's If you come up with something kewl let me know would you ........Good Luck Dave
  7. Thanks Sandman for passing a long the information on the video it should help a lot. Thanks Again
  8. Hi all I am trying to figure out how to connect wires to a USB keyboard IC/PCB like this one Side A Side B This is the USB Hub I am connecting it too to a Joystick or Arcade controls do I need a special tool to identify where I need the wire connected too. Please if anyone know how to help please drop me a line Thanks :adore::adore:
  9. Well I know this is a very old post but first time I have seen it. I was wondering if anyone has tried making this with a Micro CPU The Rasberry PI Version of this has like 3 or 4 USB ports for more memory. The computer itself could be plugged into the back of the monitor or tv screen using the HDMI connection on the computer. Then get a wireless number pad like this one make the NES wireless and just plug the mo dual into the little computer since it has a built in USB HUB. Another good reason this might be worth a look if you take your NES controllers into where I work they will track it on the network for using an unauthorized USB device but since it connects to the HDMI theirs is no way to track it
  10. Hi relic just want to see how you're doing I'm still doing the fire thing away from home so I haven't been available sorry about that anyway um when I get back I'm going to try and help you out with as much as I can talk to you soon Dave

  11. How about Joystick auto select software you switch to a game and it switchs the controller for you. They have a plugin that does something like this for another mame frontend called Mala the plugin is called ControlChoose http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=117692.0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the fly theme changing while in hyperspin. Since the files are all zipped it would be easy to view them and choose one to use. Also if someone comes out with a new theme we could download it and veiw it if we don't like it just change it back. The names could be followed by a number like rom1,rom2 and the themes would match like theme1, theme 2 Like and open file dialog box would open with the themes for that rom and the alternate ones and a small preview window.
  12. Your pedestal build looks great man very nice can you tell me what buttons you have for navigation of Hyperspin and the operating system ???

  13. I am currently packing up everything and getting ready to move so might be a minute before I can get back to you I have to paint rooms in the house and lay some flooring plus who knows when the internet will get hooked up anyways thanks for the help.

    Thanks Alot

    Dave Ruble

  14. Hi Mame man did you build your own CNC or did you buy it from www.buildyourowncnc.com if so which model did you buy I am considering buying a blackfoot 4x8 table what would you recommend???

    Thanks Dave

  15. Hi guys thats a great idea just need a seperate video card and have a slide show launch with the marqeez transitioning great idea
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