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  1. Daruble


  2. hey kevrish contact me through email davidruble1970@gmail.com daruble

  3. Hi relic just want to see how you're doing I'm still doing the fire thing away from home so I haven't been available sorry about that anyway um when I get back I'm going to try and help you out with as much as I can talk to you soon Dave

  4. Your pedestal build looks great man very nice can you tell me what buttons you have for navigation of Hyperspin and the operating system ???

  5. I am currently packing up everything and getting ready to move so might be a minute before I can get back to you I have to paint rooms in the house and lay some flooring plus who knows when the internet will get hooked up anyways thanks for the help.

    Thanks Alot

    Dave Ruble

  6. Hi Mame man did you build your own CNC or did you buy it from www.buildyourowncnc.com if so which model did you buy I am considering buying a blackfoot 4x8 table what would you recommend???

    Thanks Dave

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