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  2. Hi there , the screen is 130 inches and is an Epson 1080p projector. I just used the hypertheme program to make that mame theme .
  3. Thanks , was quite a challenge for a beginner with these projects . Had many frustrating moments getting everything to work smoothly .
  4. Here's the finished Street Fighter 2 machine I've been working on the past couple of months. I got the cabinet with no monitor or artwork , still had the power supply, speakers and the marquee light worked. Installed a sony trinitron 29 inch screen that I decased and was able to wire the tv's sound into the original arcade speakers. Also has a sub in the cab . Has a pc inside running hyperspin , made some custom intro's and added music to them. Has an IPAC2 and did a xbox usb controller hack to make the arcade controls work good with games on steam. Hooked it up to a projector for games nights. Here's a link to the finished product.
  5. I didn't use the analog pedal option in mame, I think it was causing some issues for me . In mame I setup my accelator to inc - and brake to inc + In mame Logitech profiler combined pedals box ticked . and all my racing games respond well to that and are playable .
  6. You only need 1 profile for mame , once you opened a game inside of hyperspin on the mame wheel . The mame profile will start automatically allowing you to use the steering wheel and pedals (in combined mode). You will have to setup your steering controls for mame driving games by using the "tab" button whilst in a mame game .
  7. Yes I got it to work smoothly . You have to setup a profile for each of the emulators your going to use the steering wheel in . You do this with the Logitech profiler software . Make sure the box is ticked to automatically assign profile . Hopefully that helps .
  8. Hey mate , Yeah I removed the original steering wheel and accelerator . Then to get the arcade buttons to work with the pc inside I wired up a U-HID converter . For the steering and pedals I'm running the Logitech gt force , it has its own profiler settings . Most of the mame racing games have to have the setting "combined pedals" ticked to work properly . The sega model 2 has to have the "combined pedals" not ticked, but when your in hyperspin I'd like to know if there is a way of changing between mame/model 2 without this conflict of settings making the controls not work ?
  9. Hi there , I've converted a world rally upright cabinet into a mame racing cab . I have been able to get the model 2 and 3 to work fine and also mame racing games when I start them on there own . I have been able to play mame perfectly through hyperspin but when I change systems and play the sega model 2 , none of my controls work . I'm able to play it perfectly when I start it without hyperspin running , but when I'm in hyperspin the controls don't seem to change accordingly to what system I move to. Is it something to do with the Logitech profiler ? I'm using a Logitech gt force steering wheel with pedals . Any help would be awesome , thanks
  10. I installed a cga to cga converter in an old cab today . I've replaced the screen with a 19inch lcd screen. It appears to work and I have street fighter running in it . The problem is that the screen flickers constantly and sometimes goes black for a couple of seconds then comes back on and keeps flickering. It doesn't affect the gameplay or sound , just the picture. Any help would be much appreciated , thanks .
  11. Im trying to get hyperlaunch to work properly, ive followed all the steps to set it up, my mame emulator works fine with it, but my nes emulator "fceux" wont load up , i think ive set it up properly but every time i test it in hyperlaunch it says Cannot find D:\hyperspin\settings\fceux r2263.ini can any body help me with this ? thanks.
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