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  1. Thanks for what seems like a wonderful program. I only say that because I havent been able to get it working yet. I downloaded the zip from your link, placed Hi2Text and Hi2Text.zip in the root HS folder, next to Hyperspin.exe The hiscore.dat included with your download went into a "dats" folder in my MAME directory I renamed Hi2Txt to HiToText Turned on HyperHQ and enabled HiScore, with a Y of 550 and Delay of 3 I also added the Mame exe in my Mame wheel startup in HyperHQ I also confirmed that HS is writing new .hi scores to my HI folder in Mame Have not seen this work at all. Im using Win 7 SP1 with a 4.6.1 NET Framework. I downloaded the C# version of Hi2Txt. I also set the HiToText directory in Rocketlauncher, but I think thats just for when I pause the game. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. I did turn it on via HyperHQ and confirmed it in the settings.ini under the HS folder [HiScore] Active=true Y=550 Delay=1 But still no score?
  3. Hey everyone, I am interested in getting this to work, but for some reason I cant figure it out. It seems simple enough, but maybe someone can help. I downloaded HiToText.exe and xml, put them in my Hyperspin folder where my HS.exe is. My Mame folder is not in Hyperspin, but on another tree, and that is where my roms and hi folder are. My guess is that HiToText is not seeing the hi files in a different folder branch, so the question is, Can I point HiToText to see my hi files within my Mame substructure, or do I have to move Mame and all its components to my Hyperspin folder? I would love to get this to work, so any information you can provide on setup would be extremely helpful.
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