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  1. I've not looked at this for such a long time that I will need to revisit it to see how much work is involved. This won't be for a while I'm afraid as I am decorating a new extension at home. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Merry Christmas to you too! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. Any updates for this yet? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. In the download section? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. I have created a automation installer for special art which displays the current system along side its predecessor and successor and the dates it was current. This is why I need this information to be correct. Is my interpretation correct?
  6. Hi, Can someone check that this info is correct: I am looking at the NEC systems and believe that they were brought out and named like this: 1987 - 95 - Turbografx 16 and then TurbografxCD is the same as PC Engine and PC Engine CD renamed only in Japan 1989 - 1991 - Pc Engine SuperGrafx is also named PCEngineSG is there a Japanese version of this? 1991 - 1995 - Pc Engine TurboDuo 1994 - 1998 - PC-FX is I see that there are databases for both is that because the Japanese games are separate? Any info or corrections to the above welcome! thanks
  7. Version 1.10


    HyperSpin SpecialArt Organiser 1.05 Released Ok, so I've finally completed the testing of this program and releasing it to the community. So what is it and why do I need it? Special Art is already pre-built into HyperSpin. You see it as the animated joysticks and Free Play images. After speaking to several friends on here I got the idea that as the artwork was SWF files I could remove the original stuff and create new stuff and take it to a whole new level. What I did is create artwork for Special Art A which ended up being like the frame. I created Special Art B which ended up being animated buttons on a per controller basis...eg Xbox360 or Playstation. The Special Art C was Gener art and this now changes depending on the genre and is displayed in the upper right location. All of this artwork is like a large overlay on top of your normal HyperSpin experience. Once I had done this I realised that to implement it into your system was a copy and paste nightmare as the SpecialArt folder is required on a per system basis. I basically created a program that after you select the Theme you want across your system it does all the hard work for you. I have included 5 themes but more are coming and are very easy to install. I created the program in such a way that everything you do up and until the final "Copy to Real HyperSpin" does not affect your build whatsoever. You can therefore test without error. I have included lots of help screens to get you along to the completion without error. I have had assistance from GigaPig in testing it out and I believe everything works as planned. I have used it many times on my own real setup. (Thanks for you time!) Any questions, just ask. There are new systems added and posted on the Topic post. UPDATE 1 out 22/07/16 NEW Version 1.08 released. Much more flexible and powerful see changlog
  8. In the next week I will be releasing a software package to make changing over to any special art very easy. It's taken a while to write the program but nearly finished.
  9. In the next week I will be releasing a software package to make changing over to any special art very easy. It's taken a while to write the program but nearly finished.
  10. Yours will be done tomorrow!
  11. Glad to hear it. Sorry for posting the wrong version before [emoji39]
  12. Try this one ninja. For ninja only.zip
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