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  1. That is exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much! One other question whilst someone knowledgeable is here - do you know how to set the MAME screen vertical & horizontal stretch settings across the board? I can do it for each game inidividually and it seems to remember them, but can't you alter a single file somewhere? I tried putting the video options into the default.cfg file in the MAME cfg folder, but that didn't seem to work. The text that seems to work in the individual game cfg files is: <video> <target index="0" backdrops="1" overlays="0" bezels="0" cpanels="0" marquees="0" zoom="0" /> <screen index="0" hstretch="1.016000" vstretch="0.948000" /> </video>
  2. As far as I can tell, for some strange reason the stretch settings only appear in the .cfg files for the individual games and not in the mame.ini files. So how do we apply stretch settings across the board for MAME (or NeoGeo, as I am trying to do)?
  3. Where is the common XML located? I'm a bit confused because I can find the XML files in both C:\Emulation\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncherUI\Databases and C:\Emulation\Hyperspin\Databases What's the difference between these? Doesn't look like they share an XML or does it?
  4. Bit of a daft question but I couln't work out how to do this; how do I find out how many games are on a wheel in HS? I thought that maybe by looking at the xml I could do it, though each game has a number of lines in the XML file and so I can't see any easy way to count them.
  5. Interesting workaround. It seems that his feature has been a (very) long time in the making. Competitors such as LaunchBox already have it implemented. Is there any timescale on this?
  6. I tried moving both of the "bezel - horizontal.png" files out of the folder, one at a time to see what happens. Same thing happens if I remove either of these from the folder - no bezels load at all! So it seems that both are requied for the bezel to work with this game? Anyone know what is going on here? I'm looking for just one copy of each so that I can edit them!
  7. Another query if I may. I think that I have the unified bezels for a bunch of MAME games. I currenlty have the game "Breakers" running as I would like it to look: In the RocketLauncher bezels folder for this one there are 3 files: 1. Background - AlexDC22 Hzt (1).png 2. Bezel - Horizontal (1).ini 3. Bezel - Horizontal (1).png I now think I know what these files do. There are also however 2 more files called Bezel - Horizontal (2).ini and Bezel - Horizontal (2).png which look identical to the first 2. Should these be in the folder or is this an anomaly?
  8. Thanks so much for all these replies, and for your patience in an area that has likely been addressed before. They are very helpful. Lol It's project that I might actually have considered, if a)I had the necessary image editing skills and b)I had the necessary spare time. I actually run my monitor & projector at 1900x1080 - which I understand is indeed 16:9 - sorry for my mistake. I did spend a lot of time on a single bezel. But can't I now just copy and paste my adjusted ini file for all the other bezels (as they all seem to be the same size)? This way I can fix all the others too? I haven't seen this explained so clearly elsewhere, thank you.
  9. Many thanks for the clarification. I'm looking for something like the original arcade bezels to make it look as authentic as possible, so these aren't for me. Very nice work though!
  10. hellsing, that sounds interesting - I will look into it. The link you provided links to your thread which has the download link, but you did not provide any screenshots there. Might it be helpful to post a screenshot or two so that users can know if they want to download it or not? Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "manually removed the tv elemets"? And are these for use with MAME or Rocketlauncher? Thanks
  11. Many thanks Griffin for this informative reply. One issue am I still unclear of despite your reply - what is the difference between a bezel and a background? They seem to be different things as they can be turned on & off independently of each other. I had thought that the bezel was the decorative artwork around the screen and did not know what a background was in this regard. I understand from you that a backdrop is something else entirely and is not commonly used. So you're saying that the bezel pack was designed this way, to have the art cut off. If you open the bezel image independently in Windows, then it shows the full thing, i.e. without any art cut off. When playing a game, it seems that around 30% of the image is cut off. So this is by design in order to allow a "full area game display" as you say. But why not compress the artwork to fit the space available and still have the full game display, rather than cut off this 30% (which in my opinion looks very messy and detracts from the whole point of a bezel!)? Regarding the resolution, I set windows to a whole range of resolutions and none of them made it fit properly. So I am still at 16x10 for now (as that is the max resolution of my projector, which I use as a gaming screen). I see what you say about the Metalzoic pack. Part of the confusion maybe comes from the fact that he renamed all the bezels to backgrounds. I have managed to get one game to look reasonably OK by spending a lot of time in a combination of modifying the bezel ini coordinates, and resizing the monitor frame image in an external editor (whilst maintaining transparency of course). It was a long process of trial and error and is still not perfect but it's almost there. And if it is possible this way, why isn't the pack released this way? Surely there is an easier way to have RocketLauncher use bezels without all this hassle? I I have tried using MAME for the bezels, and some are OK though many go all the way round the screen which seems to result in a very small gaming screen size (I very much like Orionangel's realistic bezels, but I find that for horizontal games they often reduce the game screen size a bit too much). Is there a bezel pack somewhere which has the screen border effect (which I like) and has the bezel artwork just at the sides, though with all of it displayed? Thanks again
  12. Looking at the screenshots are the startof this thread - aren't the bezels all cut off at the edges (e.g. cropped with bits of the artwork missing)?
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