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  1. I agree that it is easier for both managing as well as finding to have all the themes merged in the same section, however, if this happens, I believe that an aspect ratio field selection should be mandatory for themes uploads (not just an optional tag in it). I know that this might require a little programming on the site's back-end; I'm just thinking of being ready for what's to come.
  2. Thank you for your kind words Kolosoff Enjoy the set!
  3. Эй, Колософф, как ты? Я использую Google Translator, поэтому мне жаль, если смысл теряется в переводе Чтобы загрузить этот файл, вы должны быть участником Premium в Hyperspin, однако я поделился тем же набором 3d-блоков в Emumovies, и вам не нужно быть Premium, чтобы загрузить его оттуда. Вы можете ввести мои творения контента в Emumovies, и вы найдете пакет коробок. Береги себя!
  4. Awesome project. I really like the indented shape you made for the 3rd and 4th players to fit in. I miss my arcade... (Had to get rid of it when I moved to my current home, and switched to an HTPC).
  5. @Circo I am seeing all the users markers in the Unread section, which wasn't showing before. I can uncheck them from the content preferences, but it needs to be done on each page refresh.
  6. Thanks for noticing it! It was not on purpose; seems that when I trimmed the scans, I inadvertently flipped that one. Here you go (also updated the Download file):
  7. Sorry ulao; I only know ulalá, fondue, and menage a trois Tell him to just type it all in French and translate it with Google translator; their tool has improved a lot and you will understand it all I'm sure.
  8. Lucky! What's up! Need to make a tourny soon!
  9. I did not know that Microsoft dbs could be updated by users requests like that. Thought that users would have to either live with it, or wait for devs to recode it. Awesome job @Scyto. This makes me very happy, but extremely sad at the same time, knowing that a simple fix could have avoided lots of problems and users troubleshooting, and that nobody (if known about this way of whitelisting) did something about it, until now.
  10. Here you go: https://hyperspin-fe.com/profile/87801-kondorito/?do=content&type=downloads_file&change_section=1 If you are still unable to get them from here, go to Emumovies as they are there as well.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This project along the Famicom clear logos one were the most intensive ones I have ever done, but still, it was a pleasure to make as the NES has a very special place in my heart and each cart I made brought me awesome memories. The entire set is 100% accurate to the original games (you will have grey, gold, green, blue, red, special, prototypes, unreleased; all types of carts made from real photos). There are some variations I made for some carts (as some games had more than one release/version). These are located in the Extras folder and labeled with an ALT/ALT2 at the end of their filenames. Surf around as maybe you find an ALT version you like more than the original one. Be aware though that I did not put too much effort on the alternate versions, so you might find low res stickers in there. The total pack goes over 1,000 carts! A special Thank You goes to: @juniorunderground for some of the FHD stickers I worked with @Wally Wonka for the special carts base pack @Aorin for the legendary task of scavenging HQ images for the latest badge! I put all my love into its making, so I hope you like it PS. Because of an issue there is when uploading files here related to its size, I had to split it into several parts (to not surpass the 100MB limit). This means that you will need all the parts downloaded before trying to extract the content from part 1. Once the issue is resolved I will reupload it in just one part or a couple.
  12. Hey! Check this, might help you out in crafting something with notepad++ (like creating config files with only the game names inside, and batch adding the entire stuff around them with "Replace All'' by having all the documents opened at the same time): https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20479435/replacing-some-text-in-notepad-with-different-words-in-a-predefind-list Gotta go now, but if you can figure it out, I'll try to help you tomorrow in doing so.
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