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  1. Kondorito

    Comprehensive List of Natively Supported Compression Formats

    Awesome contribution! Do you know to which version the script converts the CHDs to?
  2. Hola! Es posible descargar solo la imagen de algunos juegos de Famicom? Los quiero añadir a mi NES mimi, gracias!

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    2. albertomp


      Covers 2D. Si quieres lo descargo completo, uso las que necesite y luego lo borro. En principio quería poner

      Contra (NES)

      Solbrain (Famicom)

      Tortugas Ninja (NES)

      Tortugas Ninja 2 (NES)

      Hokuto no Ken (Famicom)

      Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti (Famicom)

      Star Force (Famicom)

      Gun Dec (Famicom)


    3. Kondorito


      Aqui las tienes :)

      Suerte con la mini!


    4. albertomp
  3. Kondorito

    Nintendo Famicom 3D Box Pack

    Not for the moment, sorry I am currently doing an FHD NES cart set and then I might do the same for the SNES. Will see later on
  4. Hi Kondorito,

    I just downloaded your PC-Engine 3D cover set. Beautiful work. Really well done. Do you by any chance also have a 2D set?

    1. Kondorito


      Hey Styph! Sure thing. I'll get to my working pc in a short while and send it your way. 

  5. Kondorito

    Problema repentino con Mame

    Hola Maligno, como estas? Por casualidad actualizaste MAME? Lo que muestra el error es que el modulo ahk de RocketLauncher tiene problemas para lanzar en tiempo y forma. Tal vez actualizaste MAME pero el ahk aun tiene una configuración antigua. Yo no uso RocketLauncher por lo que no podria ayudarte. Te recomiendo que postees este topico en ingles en el foro principal (mas gente lo va a ver), y sino tambien en el foro de RocketLauncher que seguro saben qué es lo que te está sucediendo. Espero puedas resolverlo
  6. Beautiful work, for real
  7. Kondorito

    Aorin our new moderator

    Indeed @Aorin is one hell of a guy Not only he knows about everything, be it FEs, Emus, PCs, but he also is a centered person, always helping, creating and promoting the scene. Valeu amigo!
  8. Kondorito

    TurboGrafx 16 3D Boxes

    I want this set so bad! RK! My brooo! *No pressure* XD
  9. Kondorito

    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Is there an easy way to move to LTSB from a previous Windows version (8.1 or 10)? Like installation on top or something? Or do I need to backup, do a fresh installation and then move everything back again? Thank you guys!
  10. Kondorito

    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Do you notice speed and/or a performance increase while playing more recent retro games?
  11. Kondorito

    Shield me from the Sea!

    Ok, this is some epic stuff! Please keep us updated
  12. Kondorito

    Nintendo Famicom 3D Box Pack

    PM sent
  13. Kondorito

    TurboGrafx 16 3D Boxes

    Ok, after long reads and checks over the web, I found out that PC Engine came with black jewel cases until the end of 1991, and then started to produce the games in white jewel cases. So I will be sorting out the 2D covers in two groups (black and white), and use two different templates on them for accuracy. However there is one thing that is being very difficult to find/achieve, and I think that for the first version of the set I will skip that step, and that is, the custom spine for each of the 400 games. This, unless somebody has a good source in which the spines are similarly scanned, so I can automate the trimming and perspective process. Please let me know if you do, or if you don't, but have a standard spine template that can be a place holder for the first version of the set. Cheers! EDIT: Sorry @RetroKenesis for hijacking the topic with my nonsense. I will be opening a new one now for the PC Engine 3D box set, and will be waiting for this TG16 finished one bro!
  14. Kondorito

    TurboGrafx 16 3D Boxes

    Ok, so to be sure; Tg16 came in boxes and within the boxes a cd case with the card inside, and PCE came only directly in cd cases with the card inside? I havent seen a 3d box set for PCE. They seem to be made in cases with black or white front spines. I can easily batch the 2d covers into the awesome cd templates [email protected] in a couple of minutes, the hard work resides in reviewing which game goes with which front spine, and collecting the ~300 customd side spines (unless somebody has a good source for it). I am in, as the PCE is my last system that lacks proper 3d boxes (except the n64 which I made with generic sides).
  15. Kondorito

    TurboGrafx 16 3D Boxes

    I was checking boxes for TG16 and PCE and the PCE ones look like regular cd cases (with black or white front spine). Do you know if the PCE games came in boxes like the TG16 ones? I want to help to finish this project @RetroKenesis How many boxes are left to make? Are you doing both TG16 and PCE? Let me know if my help is wanted/needed, or if you rather manage it by yourself