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  1. I understand the desire to prune the forum in order to remove obsolete information/misinformation but did you need to delete my cab build thread?? I would think that cab builds were timeless.
  2. Thanks Ninja, I might give it a try but if it's the kind of thing that will notify me through a mobile notification then I don't think it's for me. I would rather browse the forum at a time that suits me and this new format is a downgrade without the latest thread previewed on the home page.
  3. Since the new website I haven't checked in that much at all. The reason being is I find it hard to see what is happening at glance because the forum categories no longer show the latest thread's title previewed on the right. Can we get this back?
  4. Version 20120925


    Here's an alternate Main Menu theme for the SNES. This is part of a series of themes around the concept of a lounge room/ bedroom that updates with every new system to reflect the year it was released. The boy or girl's clothes and the room decor trend with the times and movie posters and toys are taken from the era closest to the systems release as well. Expect the TV to grow larger with the times too! For the SNES I chose to reflect the early 90's as the lifespan of the SNES was from 1990 (USA release) till it was succeeded by the N64 in 1996(USA release). This is the 4:3 version but I've also designed it in an un-cropped, recomposed widescreen version ready for when Hyperspin 2.0 is released. Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  5. Version 20120825


    NES Main Menu - Hyperion Video Snap available from EmuMovies Here's an alternate Main Menu theme for the NES. This is intended to be part of a series of themes around the concept of a lounge room/ bedroom that updates with every new system to reflect the year it was released. The boy or girl would grow older or just the fashion of their clothes would change and the room decor would trend with the times as well. Expect the TV to grow larger with the times too! For the NES I chose to reflect the 80's as the lifespan of the NES was from 1985 (USA release) till it was succeeded by the SNES in 1991(USA release). This version was designed with widescreen displays in mind. I've made a 4:3 version and will upload it if people want it.
  6. It would be pretty cool.
  7. For me it's Final Doom (PSX), Final Fantasy XII (PS2) and Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS2).
  8. Your new avatar THK, where is it from?
  9. I'm glad to have it back.
  10. Ditto on the no "thanks" button queries.
  11. Hyperion

    EmulationStation ?

    Looks nice. I just tried it but couldn't set it up correctly. Games won't launch. I get a "...is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file" error. Hyperspin could really, REALLY do with a scraper.
  12. It's been a long time and I don't currently have a PC in my cabinet to check but I think I used the default shift and wired my second shift button into the one "shift" input on the I-PAC 4. Also I'm pretty sure that you need to use the default shift key on the board as remapping it with the bundled software won't work...? Sorry, but my memory is really hazy on this issue as it's been so long.
  13. Hurray for Gigapig! Gigapig has helped me out a bunch as has he helped many members here. Gigapig is a great choice.
  14. How comfortable is the seat? I know in my build I missed the mark ergonomically. I'm very particular about my lumbar support and the racing seat I put in my Batmobile is absolutely rubbish for lumbar and actually cuts into my hamstrings slowing circulation.
  15. Hyperion!! One of my favourite Marvel comics characters. But it has to be the Straczynski's Hyperion from Earth-31916.
  16. Have you made plans/schematics for this build or are you winging it? I'd be interested in taking at look at them. Also, I've wondered for a while now, what will be displayed on the LCD 3 digit display? P.S. Looking crazy awesome!!
  17. I feel like scrapping my Batmobile project and making one of these with a dash and wheel that slides into place in front of it. Could even make it motorised... (abruptly walks away muttering excitedly).
  18. The PS3's Dual Shock 3 is the same. I can control through 4 walls over a distance of 7m EDIT: just measured it; it's 6m. Not that useful since I can't see what I'm controlling but it works.
  19. Pretty much any BT3.0 dongle will work with ScarletCrush's DS3 wrapper which is, in my opinion, the best method of connecting your PS3 controller to a PC. There is a long list of supported dongles in the first post and if you get a dongle that is not yet supported then just contact ScarletCrush and he'll fix so it is. I spoke about how much of a nightmare setting up a DS3 can be and raved about ScarletCrush's solution here. I also said the only downfall is that you can't map the PS button but not anymore! Here is a separate solution used in conjunction with ScarletCrush's wrapper that works perfectly and has never let me down. Xpadder isn't concerned with what dongle you're using, only whether there is a compatible gamepad viewable on your system. With the wrapper masking your DS3 as a Xbox 360 gamepad this has been achieved. Remember what we are actually achieving here: 1. ScarletCrush's wrapper makes your PC think your DS3 controller is a Xbox 360 controller. 2. Button On 360 maps the virtual Xbox 360 guide button to keystrokes depending on whether you tap or press and hold for your specified length of time. I use it for launching HyperPause or holding to exit. 3. Xpadder is taking inputs from the rest of the virtual Xbox 360 gamepad and translates those into keystrokes and/or mouse inputs! Amazing! All without any discernible lag.
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