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  1. Hello everyone Wanted to inform you guys that I got the Nvidia Grid games to load on Hyerspin ! If anyone is interested in getting the XML file and wheel arts from me msg me back.
  2. Does anyone know how to setup the nvidia grid streaming service with hyperspin on the Shield TV?
  3. Thanks guys I got it to wok al I have left to get running is the MAME
  4. Can u sent me the link because I can't find anything by that name in the play store
  5. whats the setting to run Neo Geo in neo.emu? plzzz help
  6. whats the ini config for ColecoVision for android? I cant get it to run
  7. Does anyone have the ini file to run android games on the Nvidia shield> if so can u post it? Thank you
  8. I got it to work but every-time I try and exit the dream-cast emulator it keeps starting back up on a loop
  9. Whats the parameters= for the dreamcast?
  10. IS there a way to setup my geforce now games so they will run on my frontend hyperspin on my Nvidia Shield?
  11. can someone plzzz upload the ini file for NEC TurboGrafx-16 for Android I'm having trouble setting it up thank you
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