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  1. Hola Domus! podrias decirme que script usas y si podes adjuntar algun link o algo con una breve explicacion sobre la intalacion?, estare muy agradecido!
  2. Hi, thanks for the answers, it's not exactly for the MAME, it's for the HBMAME that works exactly the same. In my case I have some games of HBMAME (not all) and I have the hbmame.exe, I extracted the xml from the hbmame.exe and it has all the metadata, in parallel, I use the Dons to make my xml with the roms that I have from the HBMAME but are missing these metadatas, then I have an xml with my roms without metadata and another xml with all the data of the mamexml, there should be some tool that compares game names in both xml and complete the incomplete with the data of which if it is complete, not if it is understood.
  3. Hello everyone, happy new year, I use Dons Hyperspin Tools 4.3.26 to generate my xml for the database, the problem is that I want to complete the other data such as manufacturing, year, description, etc. In the case of MAME, I have an xml file that exports the exe of the mame to obtain the information, or even the exe, but the option to generate a hyperspin list from the mame's xml fails. Could someone tell me how I can complete these fields automatically? For me it is important because MAME has really strange names in their roms and the description that appears in the mame4.exe is super necessary. Thank you very much in advance!
  4. That is all, HyperList section on site don't work. Rigards!
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