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  1. When I was still getting used to the identical rename rule with Roma and xml files I had a few Roma that I needed to change the name for since they where not launching. I would change the name with ESFE but it wouldn't fix the problem. I would end up back on my PC rewriting the name and reinstalling lol. Im going to try you recommendation for slimming down the build. Space really isn't an issue I just don't want the other stuff there (on the wheels) if I'm not using it.
  2. Does anyone else find it impossible to make any changes once you have HS loaded up and running on ShieldTV? as I experiment with media files and find mistakes like wrong file names I always feel like I have to start with a fresh install to see my changes take effect. i want to make a simple setup with only NES, SNES, N64, and GENESIS. Can I just delete all files that are associated with all the other systems inclusive of media, ini, xml, cores etc? I tried to do this and the app crashes after intro video. Thanks for the help looking forward to being involved in this community/project.
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