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  1. Fantastic show!! Thanks Mameman for making the trip to help us out. We sure needed it with the incredible amount of people in the booth.
  2. Jack is a great guy. He does our lock bars for the VPcabs mini and they are beautiful.
  3. Wondered when someone would notice. It's in the normal rotation.
  4. The machine went out FedEx Freight today. Scott should be playing his new Pin by the weekend!! Thanks again to everyone that helped out on this.
  5. Here it is getting ready for shipping!!
  6. The online community has contributed greatly to the success of VPcabs so far. We are happy to do this for UW. He is well deserving. We also realize that there are more well deserving people in the community that could benifit from a cabinet and as we grow we will try and do this more often. Please know that if you donate to a project that VPcabs is heading up your money will get put to good use.
  7. We just received a donation for $500 to finish out your cab!! It will go out on Tuesday!! Thanks for all who donated for the 2nd time on this. Forum members kicked in a total of around $1000 in parts and cash and VPcabs is covering the rest.
  8. You will enjoy the 770. We have done a few machines with it now and I am amazed at it's performance.
  9. That's right folks. With an update from Steam you can now move your DMD to your third screen. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!! Here's how you do it. Youn numbers may be different than mine depending on your screen resolution and if you're using a 2 or 3 screen cabinet. First in the PFX2 settings menu change the DMD size setting to OFF Then do this
  10. Can't go wrong with Zeb's stuff. We use it in all of our LE & LE-X machines.
  11. Haha right. Nanotech offers little to no support on their product as it is. Nice job on the program Rob!!
  12. VPcabs new Pump Up the Pinball LE with metallic blue powder coated trim is now in stock and ready to ship. The new traditional cabinet is updated and includes. 39" Toshiba LED playfield TV 32" Toshiba LED backglass TV 15.6" LED color DMD monitor or Real Xpin LED DMD i5 Haswell unlocked processor 120gb Samsung EVO SSD All monitors are CNC slotted into place for a perfect fit with no bezel needed. The cabinet is custom sized to allow the playfield monitor to fit without gaps at the top or bottom
  13. We do have a few Mini's in stock and ready to ship. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. Thanks for considering VPcabs!!
  14. Freight to NO would run you more than the machine. Looks like around $210 just for freight.
  15. Yes I do have legs for them. Shipping depends on where you live.
  16. The Addams is sold. Other 2 are still available. I'd be happy to ship.
  17. Yep. Looks just as good as our 39" 1080p playfields.
  18. Sounds like I might as well go ahead and start putting the extra buttons on all the Mini's
  19. Awesome!!! Thanks Zeb. A Mini LE-X is in the works!!!
  20. Anyone have any idea where the donations that were made ended up?
  21. Great. With Zeb's new smaller output board we can add some Forced Feedback to this Mini.
  22. OK folks. This has just come to my attention this morning. I think all intentions werer very good here but this never happened. After talking to another forum member it looks like a Mini Pin would suit his needs better. This time I am going to make sure this deal goes through quickly. If there is any $$ sitting in a pot for this please let me know. If not then I will start collecting parts & money from anyone interested. This WILL happen real quickly folks. UW has done a lot for us and this is just a small token of gratitude. I will at least donate all the cabinet hardware, buttons and wiring. I will build the machine and ship it to him. More if needed Greg-MAMEMAN is donating the cabinet Brad-Lucian045 Can you donate a set of our stock Mini Graphics? I'd like to get this wrapped up in the next week or 2 so lets make it happen folks!!!!
  23. We make more virtual cabinets than anyone. Inventory is low right now with the holidays but we usually have 15-20 machines in stock. Anything from the Mini to a full blown wide body LE-X with Forced Feedback. Just shoot me a message when you want to stop by.
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