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  1. Might not be a bug, or a feature, so I guess this would be a feature request. I run my entire setup from a NAS box I have mounted as a Network Drive. However the application does not allow you to add network drives as a source it would be an awesome addition to allow that. Also a portable install I could run would also be great but not as useful.
  2. Trying to add in the Nintendo Wii and it will not show up in the link list tryed restarting and everything no luck, shows up fine in HSHQ and HL itself. Any Ideas?
  3. Version 20151002


    This is part of an ongoing project I started. Re-minting my totally lost setup. I will be sifting through all the XML's and fixing info and adding ratings. In this version i think the only thing left is to add the CRC's after i finish building the rom set i will be using a very strict archiving method to store and gather the CRC's after this I will attempt to release the romsets on well known sites.
  4. Version 1.3 Ongoing


    And updated version of the Mugen found on the cloud merged with the only active Mugen Torrent for Hyperspin. Part of my new Mint project.
  5. Nice, i have been building a NAS for awhile just saving to get the drives now it just sucks it couldn't hold out just long enough for me to finish it:
  6. So i just got some replacements a 4tb USB drive and another 3tb internal for the rebuild but i noticed in most of my backups im missing the big three PSX, GC, and Dreamcast. I know PD has the GC but im not sure about the PSX and DC. even so now i have a 300gb monthly cap so im double screwed X_X. It would literally be cheaper to send an hdd to someone with the data than to download it at this point. ::sigh::
  7. Yea it was a 3tb Seagate Cudda I bought in 2013, very sad as i have drives over 10 years old that still run fine from them.
  8. Well first it started throwing CHKDSK errors so i ran chkdsk then after what seemed to be like 4 days of chkdsk the drive just causes my whole system to lockup and its invisible when i do get windows to respond.
  9. Been a member of PD are those new? i havent been there in a while, ill check it out.
  10. So a few years of work and a lot of lost files have just gone dead. My HS drive took a kurplunk and along with it the entirety of the HS 1.0 project my Saturn,DC,3DO,NGCD,TypeX, and ps1 collections. Ws working on and almost completed the PSP master list luckily i have mat of it backed up but lost at least 2 months worth of that too, So back to square one. Man I really miss UG right now. I had roughly 80 setup system too. x.x
  11. not sure but it did go missing it would be amazing if you could reup your work !
  12. Sorry to resurrect a dead thread but has anyone found or obtained the contents of the taito classics folder? its the only one i don't have
  13. Thanks now to find the xmls X_X Edit also needs the files from the main menu, The xmls were just the mame xmls i believe but still dont have the main menu themes or wheel art X_X. seems like all the pics are missing from the Taito folder aswell
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