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  1. I found the Media.zip file and was able to successfully get the main menu to load with the folder in place. Thank you! I am getting very close to a fully working system now--I just have to figure out why the RetroArch configs don't always save properly.
  2. hello cowgod,

    i don't mean to alarm you but when i opened hyperspin-fe.com in my browser, instead of me being logged in automatically i was logged in as you, cowgod. i have never seen such a phenomena and i didnt really know you existed before this as i have been a member here for about a week.

    just a heads up and wondering if we should bring this up to a site moderator or tech who may understand why it automatically logged me in as a completely different user  from my home PC.


    1. cowgod


      Thanks for the heads up.  I have let the site support team know about this.  Hopefully it doesn't happen again!

    2. ElectricHead


      yeah it was very weird. i have no idea what would cause such an odd thing like that to happen.

      at first i thought my profiles name got switched somehow, but then i looked at date joined, posts, etc... and was confounded.

      so i logged right out, and then back in as myself and was still on your profile page just logged into the right account so i thought i would let you know.

      Stay well!

  3. Oh! You're right, I never saw a Media.zip file. Where is that one located? I don't see it linked anywhere.
  4. It would be great if we could all work together to make an Android download starter pack that worked perfectly on the first try, and got it sanctioned as an official tutorial. As someone fairly new to HyperSpin, I spent literally all weekend learning about it and setting it all up. I have it all working on PC, but Android is a whole different ballgame and it's not clear at all why some stuff works and some doesn't.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I do get the intro video, and the system menus work fine, just not the main menu. Your zip file does not contain a Main Menu folder in the Media folder, so that must be the issue. Any reason you didn't include it?
  6. I tried the Main Menu.ini from both @thatman84 and @badhemi and they both just show a blank screen. Could this possibly be a media issue and not an ini issue? Does anyone have a working main menu for HyperSpin on Android?
  7. Hi, sorry I'm new to this but I purchased the platinum donation and I can't find the download for HyperSync. The link on here takes me to a joust download that just has a few PNG files. Is HyperSync still a thing or are we supposed to use FTP now? EDIT: Sorry, I just saw that HyperSync is included with the HyperSpin download now. My bad!
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