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  1. I like the idea of gun games better. Your friends will recognize gun games, the themes already exist, and it's universal for the category. I will be using it with Aimtrak's as well but people build different guns using the pieces.
  2. My aimtrak is off by 2-3 inches if I lean forward while sitting on my couch 10 feet away or raise the gun a foot or less. Yes you will need to recalibrate for sure they are VERY sensitive to calibration. I found an english translated version of freedo and have been trying like mad to get it to work but no such luck. Did you add a plugin or use what was in the package? I'm jealous. Did you get it working in demul? I can't get it to recognize mouse input. Do you mind posting your demule.ini and paddemule.ini ? Just paste into the comment field and put a code tag around each (kinda like quote but with the word code in brackets. That is another piece, not only creating the wheel but miniguides links or steps to getting other emulators that don't work out of the box to actually recognize the aimtraks. Not to sidetrack startrek's AWESOME work here I salivate for or anything, I just want to centralize and collect thoughts on getting these puppies going.
  3. I have somewhat been running with this idea lately and I think that on top of setting up a separate gun games wheel we are going to run into other potential issues: Aimtrak's don't like dinput but if you are like me and you use a controller for most emulators all your controls are already setup based on dinput. You will need to reprogram your main controllers for light guns sometimes and that can be inconvenient. We might want a little custom AHK that copies over / writes to INI/cfg files on launch and returns the other one on exit. That will take some thought... There is also under pinkimo's folder on the gold FTP some art & themes that go well. As far as 3do gun games I know Fourdo does not support light guns however Freedo does. Did you create a database xml yet? I like this as a project, let's keep moving and post progress. I agree anyone with helpful input please chime in.
  4. I am curious to see where this ends up because I just got a pair of Aimtrak's and what you come up with could really be of use to me.
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