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  1. Yeah I find the distance makes the biggest difference. I don't know about anyone else but I had purchased a wireless sensor bar for the Wii and it is meant to run the Wiimotes at a greater distance. I found it to work out better at aimtrak calibration than the stock sensor bar. I'm not saying the stock sensor bar is inadequate but when I play my games on the big screen it seems to help quite a bit.
  2. I fell off the grid for a little while as life was getting in the way of the hobby. I did get back with him a couple of months after his inquiry and left him some options. Hopefully he will get to it when he has a chance but no rush. Yeah I use the reloaded version with the plugins for PSone and found it to be a pretty solid PS1 emulation in general. I highly recommend that you go into the emulator and load the official PS1 BIOS into the emulator though as it brings the game compatibility up a ton. It will work without the official BIOS but not that well. Glad you will get to enjoy this too. I really like the aimtrak and have found it to be worth every expensive penny to get back to playing shooters. Let me know if you have any issues. PS2 is annoying to setup but very worth it in the long run for the exclusive games.
  3. Just to clarify the wheel with the ROMs listed on the first page is already available on both hyperspin FTP and the videos under emumovies FTP under my name. All you have to do is copy those files into their respective folders and <game name="Gun Games"/> to your main menu database file and you should be all set assuming you have all the emulators setup. I'm looking to expand out further than my WIP 0.1 release and expand to additional consoles/systems that support the aimtrak. I was surprised to find taito type X had one and looking for other recommendations. I'm glad to see there is some interest in the wheel and its continuation.
  4. I'm finally finding myself slowly with time to work on the projects I enjoy. That being said the gun games wheel is definitely one of those things. I'm not sure if I will get any responses but I'm curious what any of you all would be interested in seeing next with the gun games wheel? I just found out that Silent Hill the arcade for Taito Type X will play very nicely with the gun games wheel so I plan to add that but I'm curious what direction would be most beneficial for others, if there are any known systems that play with the aimtrak that aren't on this list. Thanks.
  5. Yup, PCSX2 with nuvee is the only way I know of to play PS2 light gun games but since the original maker of the program expected you to use real guncons and didn't open it up for just any buttons that is why you have to make the aimtrak go into guncon mode and do other tweaks. It was fairly annoying and initially I was told you couldn't use aimtrak with pcsx2 but I made it work through a lot of steps. @connorsdad - 1920 x 1080
  6. You have to want the PS2 bad enough to make it work. I spent a good couple of hours fine tuning the corrections on the games I really wanted to play and the screen calibration is pretty great. Not 100% accurate at the edges but still pretty close. The only downside for me is having to recharge on the right side of the screen but I love having all of the PS2 games in my inventory. Sadly from everyone I read having a different resolution and possibly a different size monitor would make the corrections likely not helpful to others but that is more incentive to not change out my displays.
  7. Glad to hear you liked it. As soon as I read that the new RL allowed multiple emulators under one wheel this is the first thing I thought of. I appreciate you keeping a lookout out for the missing art. I should be releasing v0.2 soon with some new systems added to the list. Life has gotten very busy for me though so I haven't had as much time to work on it.
  8. If anyone finds any missing artwork or videos please let me know and add them to my FTP locations so I can add them to my collection. I'm going to be very busy over the next sixty plus days which is why I really wanted to release this. That isn't to say I'm not already making good additional progress on another system or two but just felt like getting something out here for everyone to enjoy. For those setting up the Sony Playstation with PCSXR I would highly recommend grabbing djvj's newest module from yesterday and it really works well.
  9. I have uploaded the 0.1 version release for everyone to play with and give feedback. I have released everything but the videos on the FTP site under startreker/Gun Games. Assuming I didn't mess up any naming you should be able to download that and copy it directly into main directory without any issue. The only thing you will have to do is go under hyperspin/database/main menu and add the "Gun Games" system there for it to show up in the wheel. If you look at the Gun Games.ini file you will notice the information looks weird but from everything I could tell besides what is in the RL guide none of that stuff even matters anymore. This 0.1 release covers light gun games from the following systems complying with the official hyperlists: American Laser Games MAME Sammy Atomiswave Sega Model 2 Sega Model 3 Sega Naomi Sony Playstation Sony Playstation 2 Wow Action Max Also since I couldn't upload the Videos to the hyperspin FTP I have uploaded the Videos to the emumovies FTP under startreker/Gun Games. I tried to set it up so there was as much flexibility and re-usability with the design. It took quite a bit to get where it is at the moment and I feel like I have a lot of progress still left to make before I call it complete. I have chosen so far to stick with the officially hyperlist naming so you shouldn't need duplicate copies of games. With that being said I kept a separate list from the list you saw in the original post which kept track of games that weren't on the official hyperlists. I have plans to include some of those games at a later date. Also I found out through digging that some of the games like the Star Wars one for PS1 weren't full light gun games so I haven't included them for now. Maybe as a final tweak I might add it if you can launch directly to the light gun level but I honestly don't think it will be worth the work. Basically in order to get a system or game to work you just have to setup the ROM location in the system itself and configure/test the emulator you are choosing to launch with this custom wheel. I haven't had a chance to test everything so there are likely going to be some bugs but I figured it best to get it out for others to test and start getting back some feedback on this. I would defiantly appreciate help in finding good wheel art for some of the missing games and maybe we can work with the emumovies people to get some of the missing games on there. I asked just today for a system intro for the Gun Games. Lastly I do want to stress that I haven't tested every game. Right now I'm mainly focused with getting the core framework out there and seeing where things go. I have the PS1 games working well but I have been problems getting hyperlaunch to work with. With PS2 I have it working well hyperlaunch but I need to figure out how to do the params piece for each of the games so it can update my nuvee screen calibration on the fly.
  10. I'm working on finalizing the media files to try to complete a lot of the game sets and I know I will be missing one or two here or there as I build the set but I found that quite a few of the Playstation 2 wheel art and videos are missing for the gun games. If anyone has a good collection of the Playstation 2 wheel art let me know. We might have to work with emumovies to help fill in the gaps on a few games also. We could use a good main menu theme video, etc.
  11. Heh, I was hoping that Connerdad's knew something I didn't know. It is still impressive how relatively easy it is to setup a custom game wheel for gun games. The moment I read that RL could do a a game list with a different emulator per game I knew I wanted to do this to make my gun gaming easier. I'm most of the way to having that whole process done. If I can just get the PCSXR emulator to work properly for me I should be ready to start testing and releasing a 0.1 for people to work with and prosper. I still have a lot of minor tweaks and things I want to build on but it would give the community something that works at the core and little fixes like launching the specific nuvee correction profile can be loaded on the command line for each of the PS2 games at a later time. I also plan on adding additional gun games as I go but at least I can release something for people work with.
  12. I must be missing something then connorsdad. I haven't had a ton of time to work on this but I found so far that it has taken some work to get the custom database put together, I'm testing everything as I'm finalizing the build and having to copy over the wheel items and videos. I have been slowed down by trying to get the pcsxr module running smoothly but on a whole I have a good chunk of it done but I don't know about a matter of minutes. Here is to hoping you know something I don't.
  13. Yeah I had a feeling people would lean that way. My initial goal was Aimtrak specifically as that is my item of choice but as I thought about it further I had a feeling it was going to require some changing and really opens it up for others to use. So I will need to re-name everything away from Aimtrak. I only want to change it one time so I'm going to verify everyone is happy with whatever I choose. It looks like the theme that is already created is called Gun Games so I'm leaning towards just calling it that for simplicity but if people would like it differently I can call it Light Gun Games, or whatever. I just want to do it once. Thanks.
  14. I was thinking last night about the naming for this system. Personally I was thinking about calling the system Aimtrak because for me it is being setup with systems I have tested on the Aimtrak. That being said I realize many other similar guns will work with this also. I may want to leave it up to vote here and see if people are interested in the system being called Aimtrak or Light Gun Games (or something similar). I saw the theme earlier I can use if we go generic but if not I will eventually need to see if I can get some help for the default themes and wheel images.
  15. Yeah it comes with the territory of how it moves and judges the IR-lights. I have found that the wireless sensor bar that I use for the Wii works very well with the aimtrak. I have gotten distracted by playing light gun games on my big screen from across the living room. If you are referring to Atomiswave and Naomi yeah you can use demul for that. I found the hard way that you just have to calibrate every game before they work. Let me know if you are having any other issue. I had calibrated other games in the past but I didn't realize at first that calibration was so far off. Yeah most systems aren't too hard to setup but the PS2 was very cumbersome. For those interested in the PS2 setup I walked another through the painful setup on a separate location: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,133282.0.html . It would probably help to turn the data into more useful steps. I like what you are thinking tastyratz. It would be great to see some guides built into the main wiki: http://hyperspin-fe.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page . We may be able to get someone to add a separate section for Aimtrak emulator configuration so it easy to find.
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