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  1. Yes that's correct as long as all the videos are video themes. If some are normal themes you will have to use that file and rename accordingly for all video themes
  2. Just add this file to the themes folder and rename to video name (unless all videos are video themes, then you can just call it Default. Default or rename.zip
  3. swf files have never worked on NVS so this is therefore NOT a regression, as some themes have always crashed with SWF files in them. That's just how it is. Reznnate will not be fixing that. All we want for now is for it to get back to what it was previously, he is not going to dedicate his life to getting everything working like the PC version, because if it could then it would have been done already. Simplest way to avoid crashes is to just use default.zip for every system and keep your themes for the PC version, or go through and remove SWF files everytime one crashes.
  4. Remove the swf files from one of the games and test to see if its the issue, or just delete the theme altogether and use the default themes (that's if you actually want to play the games) ? Keep in mind this does not work like the PC version as this is android and many things that work on PC won't work on NVS and never have.
  5. Check the zip files in themes folder for the games that crash and they probably have swf files in them. It's best to NOT use swf files anywhere on NVS in my experience.
  6. Hyperspin do NOT sell hard drives, so you have been conned. Looks like the NVIDIA Shield TV has updated to the latest version, and if it has this means it will no longer work as it is not compatible anymore.
  7. Maybe post the module and someone may be able to take a look.
  8. Start packing you Pi4 ! Hyperspin is currently dead on the operating table and by the looks of it, Reznnate cannot figure out how to fix it, or more likely he seen all the negativity on these forums about how long it was taking that he just though screw it !
  9. Even a 2-3 year old Hyperspin that has no updates is 100 times better than anything else ... even on android ! Have you tried Launchbox ? It's laughable in comparison. Just have some patience because this latest update on android is not Hyperspin's fault and it has screwed up many apps on it's latest update. If it never comes back then at least we still have the PC version, but I have a feeling he is looking to really update it to the best it can be, rather than just bodge another fix. We will see, but stop bitching about it until there is an official notice that it is dead.
  10. If I was him i wouldn't bother fixing it, just out of principle so that idiots like you can't use it. If he fixes it cool, but if he doesn't then he obviously tried to and it's harder than expected. If you think the shit Arc browser or Launchbox is better than Hyperspin on android then you are clueless. Just like the other cloud of doom Agent47, unless you have something constructive to say then keep it zipped ! Enjoy you Arc browser ! 🤣
  11. This is now the holy grail of settings required for Hyperspin android for Sony Playstation 2 ! The emulator works very well on NVS and many other android phones etc, now all we need is the settings for the Sony Playstation 2.ini Has anyone managed to get it working on their Hyperspin setup ? If so, please could you post your settings.ini file HERE ? Thanks in advance.
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