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  1. Right click Hyperspin.exe, then go to properties and set it to run as admin.
  2. Look in the themes folder and make sure you have a default.zip theme. Also go to HyperHQ and adjust the fade slider to show wheels clearer if required.
  3. Try getting the file from your own Windows.old folder
  4. So, what you are saying is you bought this drive, as if you had created it yourself you would know what you were talking about. This is frowned upon by this community, so I suggest you go and do some googling and try to sort it out yourself.
  5. It's called emulation. You will not get 100% of games working. Also try another version of MAME emulator for specific games that do not load.
  6. go to options, controls and set it to virtual keyboard
  7. 1.6 works fine with hyperspin check on rocketlauncher for latest module
  8. https://hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/21571-win-10-2004-hyperspin-fix-not-official-but-confirmed/
  9. https://emumovies.com/files/file/1572-alg-bezel-pack-rocketlauncher/
  10. Sounds like you need the bios files if you are trying to run it using RetroArch.
  11. Thanks for info ps, not tried Atari 5200 again yet but will let you know once i have. Just out of interest, can you install both versions of RetroArch (1.7.7) 32bit and this new RA_32 1.88 at the same time ? If so this would allow all systems to still work.
  12. https://www.bluestacks.com/
  13. Just checking, so RetroArch will not try to update this version if auto updates are left on ? Thanks again.
  14. It's being looked into currently, roll back to version 1909
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