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  1. This is now the holy grail of settings required for Hyperspin android for Sony Playstation 2 ! The emulator works very well on NVS and many other android phones etc, now all we need is the settings for the Sony Playstation 2.ini Has anyone managed to get it working on their Hyperspin setup ? If so, please could you post your settings.ini file HERE ? Thanks in advance.
  2. On windows it's fine because you can just use alternate emulators in RocketLauncher, but for android there is no RL. The only way around it would be to have 2 wheels for same system and then you can have a different core on each for example. Not ideal, but any games you really want could then be added.
  3. Yes, people seem to think because 1 game works on an emulator, they will all work. Unfortunately that is not the case (across every system) Even the best emulators on Windows like PCSX2 and PPSSPP still don't have anywhere near 100% compatibility. We can just be thankful that 10's thousand's of games if not 100's thousand's all work perfectly and every day another one is tweaked to work .... and on and on the emulation scene goes (hopefully) !!
  4. I would give up on Namco System 22 personally, it won't work correctly on the shield.
  5. If you are getting a mini PC it would be better to use that for the later stuff. I have about 200 odd wheels setup on Shield, but hardly ever use it because my PC setup has loads more stuff on it like Switch, XBOX,XBOX 360, PS2 etc
  6. If you are using Hyperspin on Windows , don't expect every game to run as well on android as it won't happen. General performance is good overall, but android has limitations in comparison.
  7. Namco System 22 will work, but performance on android is not good. I use the MAME core, but have tried them all and even on Windows it's not 100%
  8. From RIP, to still going strong in 1 day ! 🤣 Maybe delete your previous post now, seeing as it was incorrect ? One thing you are correct about ... Hyperspin is still THE best, even though they have done nothing to it for years.
  9. This is for the RA Duckstation core. He is looking for the Duckstation stand alone emulator settings.
  10. Looking for this if anyone has it ? Thanks in advance.
  11. I understand what you are saying, and appreciate what you and Hyperseeder have done to help keep it afloat on Android. I have an awesome setup on Hyperspin and even with zero development it's still the best setup you can get on both android and PC (IMO) I also have a full 800 wheel setup with 200,000 games on Launchbox, and even though it looks great it's as slow as hell compared to my super slick Hyperspin setup. Note: Launchbox has started up their Android paid version and it's now in full speed development.
  12. Did take about 7 years to find them though ! 🤯
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