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  1. Just checked this on latest RPCS3 Alpha build and it loads fine with txt or lnk shortcuts. Check that you have the latest module, also set skip checks to rom only.
  2. That will do fine, I have used on many occasions with good results 👍
  3. Maybe don't start by telling everyone you bought a hard drive as it's frowned up on these forums !
  4. Same here, all running fine on latest updates.
  5. If there is an issue maybe worth putting a Notice on Hyperspin forum like the last one from a year or so ago ? This would avoid many people from accidently updating and then having a non functioning setup. Just a thought 😉
  6. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?6201-MAME-v0-212-don-t-launch-with-RocketLauncher&p=44551&viewfull=1#post44551
  7. Try setting skip checks to rom only and 7z to false in RL. Also ensure you are using latest module as MAME module changed after MAME 0.211
  8. https://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/35556-hyperspin-android-apk/
  9. You cannot change the paths to anything, other than the videos. You can change the video path in HyperHQ
  10. Yes, I used nonag version too though I just test it on official MAME 0.216 and it works fine with that too.
  11. No problem. FYI, Kung-Fu Master works perfectly fine on latest MAME 0.216 set.
  12. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AKj9zHNOnTvkZXM&cid=8F1E2E1B27C9F920&id=8F1E2E1B27C9F920!240&parId=8F1E2E1B27C9F920!174&action=locate
  13. Module changed from 0.211 on MAME, that's why MAME 0.215 works, and 0.170 does not. Look for previous module for MAME and link it to your 0.170 set if required.
  14. Creezz67


    works ok for me.
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