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    There is no scaling for hypertheme. For scaling you have to use a photo editing software like adobe photoshop or gimp.
  2. No platinum membership alone wont get you the video snaps. You still need a membership to emumovies. Hypersync will get you Main Menu and System Themes, Main Menu and System Wheel Art, Box Art and Cart Art, Disc Art, Letters, Pointers and Sounds but can also get you all the videos as long as you have a membership to emumovies.com. So its best to get both membership for whole set download of all media.
  3. Is there a list available somewhere of the pippin games that ran on mac? I know google is my friend but ive had no luck.
  4. For Cave just create the wheel with HyperHQ like you would normally and drop in the xml in the database folder and use hyperlaunchhq to point roms to your mame set. Use mame as the emulator. And for AAE you can also use mame or the actual AAE emulator located here http://pages.suddenlink.net/aae/.
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