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  1. Getting ready to set up my N64 wheel and was wondering which is the best core to use? Retroarch currently has 2 different mupen and 1 parralel core, none that match up with the Android Settings file using glupen64 : And what is the issue with nightly builds and how do they work exactly? Is there one on the Play store that is the best choice...don't mind paying. If so, how would I set up the reference to the exe to the purchased emulator? Thanks again & happy gaming!!! Also, how does the control layout work (considering the N64 controller had the trigger on the handle)...is there a special remap involved?
  2. Well...it worked...you just have to make sure you follow the way the games are listed in the databases...they look a little different than the text above...just replace the game name with the hacked rom name and match everything else up (wheel art, game videos, etc.) with the same name and it works flawlessly!!! Here's a sample of my tiny NES database file with the hacked Super Contra II game in it...just have to make sure the games stay in alphabetical order...
  3. Is it possible to play hacked NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. roms in Hyperspin on the Shield TV? I was hoping it was as easy as copying the hacked rom database info from a hacked rom.xml that I got on this site and just pasting it into the corresponding console's current database.xml, keeping it in alphabetical order. Will this work? Here is an example of what I would paste into the SNES current Hyperspin database.xml: It seems too easy as long as the naming matches up for the video, artwork, etc., it should incorporate right in...just wanted to get some input if any one has tried it this way and if it has worked before I put my time into it!!! Thanks again!!!
  4. Thanks for referring me to that link...was able to get it solved!!! Needed a version of the batch program and had to use the C: drive through Parallels to do the batch conversions...it's all over there if anyone needs it...
  5. swurver


  6. Nope...because of the way Parallels uses virtual file paths, cgitochd sees every path I try as invalid as it is preprogrammed with specific input & output file paths based around Windows...ugh!!! I’ve searched everywhere for a way to do it on the Mac but have come up empty handed.
  7. Any idea how I can get my zip, cdi or cdi files to cod on a Mac? That's pretty much where I'm stuck. Can't find any chd sets either... Are you able to share a set of chd's?
  8. Also wasn’t which sure which apk to use from (Android or Android TV) http://builds.reicast.com/
  9. I want to tackle setting up the Dreamcast next, but wanted to get some input first. Is it worth it? Are all the games playable or is the system very hit or miss and a lot of effort it seems to get working...I tried a little bit already with reicast but can’t get Roms to run...only trying gdi flies by themselves, no tracks or bins. I’m on a Mac and the gditochd programs aren’t working through Windows Parallels therefore I can’t get chd files. I also have the Dreamcast BIOS files in the right folder. Game just boots to reicast and won’t run and gives me a menu with bios and rom name in reicast. Also tried running the bios to set the time, but the controller was unresponsive.
  10. What's the best MAME choice for the latest ROM set 0.193, or are those newer games even playable? Are we limited to the v139 as the latest working set under Hyperspin on the Shield? I have the .193 set, but just don't know which core to go with (MAME 2010 in Retroarch)? Does the MAME core in Retroarch that is listed with no label/year run the .193 set or should I use MAME4DRIOD and skip Retroarch?
  11. I followed this guide to set it up for my iMac...also has instructions for Windows (start at "Enable NVIDIA SHIELD Storage Access"): https://support.plex.tv/articles/220347688-accessing-internal-storage/ If you connect/reconnect an external HDD, you have to turn "Over local network" off then immediately back on(only if you connect and reconnect an external HDD) before attempting to connect. I also made sure to go into my Mac's System Preferences-Sharing-Options-Check the box next to Share files and folders using SMB (not sure if this is truly necessary or not). Great way to transfer back and forth from the Shield and Mac/PC. Finally get to give back after everyone's wonderful help. Thanks for your patience as I get all of this set up correctly!!! My Hyperspin folder is installed internally on my Shield. Being on a MAC, I had to have Windows Parallels installed in order to run the HyperHQ.exe file that is located on my internal storage of my Shield. I double-clicked the HyperHQ.exe file located inside the Shield and it opened in Parallels just fine and saved all of the changes I made. If you're using a PC, it should work fine. Hope this all makes sense!!!
  12. Was able to smb into the Shield TV and run HyperHQ on my Mac and all the changes were made successfully!!! No more joystick on the main menu nor in any of the systems!!!
  13. I’m using a Sield TV, so to use Hyper HQ to make the changes should I just copy the Hyperspin folder from the Shield’s internal storage, open Hyper HQ on my PC, make the changes & put everything back into the Sield’s internal storage? I.e. no way to run Hyper HQ within the Shield’s internal Hyperspin folder while already installed on the device...Same thing with the 3rd party apps...just move the folder back and forth from Shield & PC to make the necessary changes using the available apps on the site? Thanks for your help!!! This is definitely a project!!!
  14. I was able to get ride of the "press start" by putting false in the .ini file, but when I change it to false for Special Art A, nothing changes. Not sure why it worked on Special Art B, but not A...
  15. Well I got the game select in system Theme to change, but no luck with the main menu theme for the console...really want to use that HQ .mp4 as the intro...just don't know how to add it in...
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