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  1. Getting ready to set up my N64 wheel and was wondering which is the best core to use? Retroarch currently has 2 different mupen and 1 parralel core, none that match up with the Android Settings file using glupen64 : And what is the issue with nightly builds and how do they work exactly? Is there one on the Play store that is the best choice...don't mind paying. If so, how would I set up the reference to the exe to the purchased emulator? Thanks again & happy gaming!!! Also, how does the control layout work (considering the N64 controller had the trigger on the handle)...is there a special remap involved?
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  3. What's the best MAME choice for the latest ROM set 0.193, or are those newer games even playable? Are we limited to the v139 as the latest working set under Hyperspin on the Shield? I have the .193 set, but just don't know which core to go with (MAME 2010 in Retroarch)? Does the MAME core in Retroarch that is listed with no label/year run the .193 set or should I use MAME4DRIOD and skip Retroarch?
  4. I loaded Hyperspin and was blown away by the beauty!!! I created a couple test folders (NES, SNES, Sega Genesis) with 2 or 3 moms in each folder. When I select the system from the wheel and scroll through to the ROM that I have, I get an error message : Trying to load a missing ROM. I renamed the ROMS in Don's tool prior to installation. The .ini file for NES has a ROM path of Emulators/Nintendo Entertainment System/roms, exactly where they are located in .nes format. I even tried adding Hyperspin/ to the beginning of the path to see if that would make a difference and they technically are in the Hyperspin folder. Any suggestions? I'm at a standstill!!!
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