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  1. I'm stuck here. I have background music working for Mega Man, Mega Man 2, and Mega Man 3. (Like when you are on the wheel, and are over that game) But then on Mega Man 4, 5, and 6, for some reason the mp3 isn't playing. They are all from OC remixes, so I think the music is the same. Can anyone help me? What was this 'announcement' djvj was going to make? I also tried to remove the audio from the video that goes with Mega Man 4, but then the video wouldn't show at all. I just want to use various OC remix music for various nintendo games, but the process is so tough, and I don't know what is causing it to work for some games, and not others?! *so confused*
  2. I like cranking up the 'fishbowl' settings really high, and playing pac-man. Not for authenticity, but just for fun. Pincushion isn't listed in the most recent hlsl settings. They have curvature and edge rounding now. I would use glsl, if I knew how to. Can anyone write up a really quick and dirty tutorial. I don't even know where to start.
  3. Oh wow, it does matter about capitalization. In my database I have: Sony PlayStation, but the image I have was named: 'Sony Playstation'. Yikes. I better fix some of that. Wow. Thanks Jeremy for the tip that helped me solve this.
  4. A similar issue is happening to me. I have a wheel for Sony Playstation, and sometimes it shows up, and sometimes not. When I enter the Sony Playstation, and exit, the icon is there. Same with Mugen, and other systems. PC Games wheel image shows up randomly also. I have another hyperspin build that this does NOT happen to, and I copied over ALL the wheels from that build to mine. I just don't understand why some wheels aren't showing up! And then sometimes they do, etc. Where else should I check to make sure things are named correctly? This is a maddening issue. There are other systems this NEVER happens to. My Atari 2600, 5200, 7800 wheels have never 'gone out' on me.
  5. I just tried your hlsl (for ghouls and ghosts), with street fighter 2 champion edition. It looks so nice. I just copied the ini and changed the name to sf2ce.
  6. Update: Ok, that was the issue. I was using Mame 167. I had to use Mame 162, imagine that? These hlsl are for mame 162. I just thought it might work for 167. It is in the correct orientation now. How do I change the hlsl settings to work with 167?
  7. Edit: I got it working. I had to use mame 162. ________________________________________________________ My desktop resolution is 1900x1200. When I turn off the hlsl in the mame module, it centers the game again. I've even tinkered with the vertical orientation, but then it just shoves the bottom of the game off the screen. What should I check next? Should I change the resolution? Change something inside mame? Thanks for the response
  8. When I have hlsl settings on in rocketlauncherui, it causes mspacman to cut off the very top of the high scores. Any idea how I would fix this? Your hlsl settings look great tho, I really like it. (Griffin mspacman)
  9. I have a Databases folder in Hyperspin/Rocketlauncher/RocketlauncherUI...what is that for? There's an Systems.xml file in there that's blank (it just has a header and that's it), and it doesn't seem to be impacting anything.
  10. Great, that worked Now I can group them in chronological order by release date, or perhaps by other criteria like 'times played' or 'favorite'. I don't play much in hyperspin itself, I mostly use rocketlauncher/hyperlaunchhq as my main place for playing games. But it is nice to have things just right on the wheel.
  11. I was able to edit the ini file to get my videos correct (for Atari Classics). Newbie question here...how do I organize my wheel. I don't like the order of systems right now. How can I change that in HyperHQ? I don't see an option to move systems up or down. Is there an ini file for this? I use RocketLauncher just fine. I'd like my wheel to be in the same order as the list in rocketlauncher
  12. Does Hyperspin work on Ouya? I go to google play store (on my ouya), and it says it isn't compatible. Please instruct
  13. Omg, I was JUST going to post that too-you beat me to it!
  14. When I go to HyperHQ 'wheel filters' and choose the option 'roms only', hyperspin will crash on me when entering a system. What am I doing wrong? Does wheel filters work for other people? If so-can you explain your setup?
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