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  1. Polemicist


  2. Every year I look at my tax cheque and tell the wife "this year I'm building my arcade machine" and every year something comes up. I have a massive collection of games setup and working on my personal pc though just not in an Arcade Machine. And I do have the gorgeous timber ready and drying in my shed. Oh and I started in the beginning of 2012 and I will not be giving up... May have to divorce wife first to get my hands on the tax cheque.... Sent from my GT-I9295 using Tapatalk
  3. Version 20150511


    Apple II Main Menu Wheel
  4. Version 20110519


    Apple II - Main Menu (4:3) Video Snap available from EmuMovies
  5. That news made me sit up and notice. Awesome to hear.
  6. I was about to ask what the cable looked like. If it was a ribbon cable from end to end I would have said you are screwed. But that cable. Is doable. Extending that round cable. Would still require soldering but much easier to do and much less pain.
  7. While I tend to agree with you I wouldn't call this a new feature it is an expansion of an existing feature in the software as it already audits other folders.
  8. To added features I'd always say yes but I'd also caution the use of toggles especially for audit features that would be quite intensive. I could only imagine how much churn you would get on a full audit of Mame and all the artwork etc that is included with that and the varied paths. Again amazing work guys.
  9. Post above me was in moderation. If this was in error please try posting again and see if it works.
  10. Exactly. There are sections in that video that look like HyperSpin layout styled themes and then other bits that had that WiiFlow look and then your classic arcade machine on left with text scroll on right and image comes up in arcade machine. You have watched the video klizine?
  11. Forgive my confusion but that intro video confused the crap our of me.
  12. Polemicist

    Mame 0.155

    catver.ini is part of it yes. Plus a bit of checking. I. Always look forward to the combination of a Brolly XML release and Jumpstile MameUIFX release combined. always puts a smile on my face. ?
  13. Polemicist

    Mame 0.155

    Speak with Brolly. What goes in the XML is specific. What gets posted to HyperList is Brolly controlled. How it is made takes time and works perfectly every time. If you want the list instantly you can do whatever you like.
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