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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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  2. 1 Year later... Still the same @BadBoyBill LAST VISITED June 14, 2018
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  4. OK. That is brilliant dude. Thanks. So many things to setup though now.
  5. Version 20150511


    Apple II Main Menu Wheel
  6. Version 20110519


    Apple II - Main Menu (4:3) Video Snap available from EmuMovies
  7. Check to see if the files are identical. If they are then SWEET.
  8. There is a .git folder. It is a hidden folder.
  9. 1: You can edit the XML or Tick the wheel filter for Roms only. And it might sound insane but fill in the Executable Path, Rom Path and the Extensions section of each Wheel Settings that you want to do this with. 2: Yeah HyperSync can do it. You can also get stuff from the FTP.
  10. The Docs section is not up to date. It still has useful information for HyperSpin and HyperHQ and stuff but yeah it is for the older version. I believe someone is working on getting it updated but the Doc section is HUGE. Sorry for the confusion. That's a bit confusing cause in cas of fresh install, there's nothing to overwrite in the Hyperlaunch folder. The files inside the original download from the download section is different to the files on GIT. That section is taking your downloaded GIT updates and dumping them on top of your live HL folder. That is why it is overwriting. The comment is correct and that is exactly what will happen. GIT is the update and Updates overwrite your old files. Well, in fact, after a fresh new install, there's already the "Hyperlaunch_Path=C:\Hyperspin\HyperLaunch\" line, but just at the end of the [Main] section. However, I added it like asked in the tutorial, but don't understand the goal (cause it's already there). It is already there IF you are using the default directory. If you are using this on another drive or for some reason you have decided to use a custom folder you should check that. It doesn't hurt to make sure things are perfect. If we extract the archive, we gonna have "hyperlaunch media" folder. That's not correct. We need to cut/paste the content of "hyperlaunch media", which is the "media" folder. I was a bit lost, so i guess noob like me will be too. I will post some questions here if I don't understand the noobie guide. That one I can't answer as it has been a long time since I did that step. Ghutch all yours.
  11. I'm confused. I have the ability to clean up posts. But I just can't delete this one. Can't seem to focus on boob ... I mean buttons ... bbb ...... ooooo bbbbb ssssssssssssss............
  12. Start simple. Don't turn on fancy features. Follow the tutorial. Use default folders. Remember that Videos take up a huge space so you can use Alternative locations inside HyperHQ and most importantly remember this is a Hobby and Hobbies are supposed to be fun.
  13. Your English is better than some English speaking people. HyperSpin is a pretty graphical front end that is capable of giving you a very graphical intensive way of going through your library of games. You setup your Wheels based on the naming conventions found in C:\HyperSpin\HyperLaunch\HyperLaunchHQ\Media\Icons and you setup the entire HS setup using a tutorial such as the ones in my signature below. You can choose to not use HyperSpin and only use HyperLaunch which is your choice as HyperSpin is only a front end. But ignoring that what HyperSpin does is it lets you pick the game you want and then sends a text command to either HyperLaunch or directly to the emulator (depending on how you set it up - the best method is HyperLaunch) That text command would be something like HyperLaunch.exe "MAME" "RomName" and that launches the HyerLaunch.exe tells it to choose the scripts for MAME as setup in HyperLaunchHQ and then tells it what game to load. So yeah HyperSpins job is very easy. HyperHQ (also called HyperSpinHQ by a few people) is a graphical interface to change all the settings in HyperSpin. You can read about that stuff in the DOCS section of this website. Most of the info is up to date enough to at least give you a general idea on how to do stuff. HyperLaunch is the powerhouse that runs everything. Start HyperLaunch and you will see the simple little interface that has been around for ages but don't be fooled what happens in the background is amazing. HyperLaunchHQ - open this little puppy and be prepared to face a wall of options. This would be daunting to many people. Guess what though. You don't have to touch that much. In fact you will find it almost ready to go. My suggestion. Don't play with things until you know the basics and have setup at least the base systems like MAME and say Atari. Follow a guide like found in my signature. Don't let HLHQ's size and power scare you off cause for the most part you won't need to use the options unless you want to make things look even prettier. Now onto HyperSync (soon to be called HyperBase Live) this little bad boy does a time consuming job very simply. If you have a look at the HyperBase site (click on the HyperApps link above and click on HyperBase) you will see that it is full of artwork. Some of the artwork is complete for some systems. Some of it is not. When people upload artwork they also upload it to HyperBase. So you can get the artwork from the Downloads section or the FTP for Work In Progress art or you can also get the artwork by using HyperSync. If you use the Download section or the FTP you will have to know where to put the artwork and themes and stuff. What HyperSync does is automate that process. And if you have a Lifetime membership (or any paid membership but Lifetime is ya best bang for ya buck) over at EmuMovies.com HyperSync will also download the game videos as well. Best thing is that when the artwork or videos get updated for ones that are missing HyperSync can be started up again and it will grab the updates. Setting things up like the emulators and the roms and stuff will not ever be automated for obvious legal reasons. Hope that helps a bit.
  14. I have no idea how to help people. We all dumb folks who live by da river and ride crocodiles fo fun. Jump in the pool and have fun. The crocs only bite once. I'm sure we can teach ya how to ride this little beast.
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