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  1. Love it, subscribed. On a side note I dont condone pot smoking... but then again pot heads dont decide to rob banks, burgle houses or clogup our hospitals on a friday or saturday night.
  2. Im doing something similar. My plan is to have the bartop on some sorft of feet, raising it by 1/2 an inch with vent holes in the bottom. I have a 120mm fan which I plan to mount on the backside/top blowing out, so hopefully this will draw any heat out. The fan also has blue leds somshould glow nicely in the background. If youre going with small fans then I would go for an intake and outtake, which ahould give the best airflow over your parts.
  3. Cheers for the advice, I was thinking that but I dont know how to connect the screen unless I use the vga port. Gonna test it out as when I try it on my TV it doesnt detect the screen on stadtup and I have to hook up the monitor again.
  4. Oh yeah, im now addicted to gumtree now as well
  5. Just finished reading. A great bit of reporting and photos. I plan to do the samd by using b&q to do my cuts. Also how will you be fitting the laptop into the cab? Will you be seperating the monitor somehow? I ask as im doing the same with an old 19" laptop which has got broken hinges
  6. I had the same issues. I had to open it independently and change a setting to make sure it would open to full screen. Worked fine after that
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