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  1. First off... you guys are amazing!  Seriously... the skill, dedication, and just raw talent that this elite group has is truly remarkable.  I would love to incorporate this into my setup, but my numbers seem off.  Does anyone know where to find the database that matches this wheel pack?  The Hyperbase database (version 1.1) has 535 games.  The Development database has 554 games. But this wheel pack has 665 games. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Even just the reassurance that it will be released at a later date. :) Thanks again!

  2. As bleasby has already stated, this is all outdated.

    I use jumpstiles build of Mame with hiscore support, it works fine. I can exit with whatever I have set in Mame or I can exit using Hyperlaunch.

    Just started using that build the other day. My previous compiled one saved to a folder called 'hi'. Any idea where the new saves to? I recorded a new hi score, but didn't see the output.

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  3. I have extra USB plugs in my power board that never get used. I like the stronger signal of that. Yeah just got me thinking at like 1am. Bad idea to start thinking this late at night.

    Yeah, you could probably even just make something detachable that hits the two points. That way you could have it wired or wireless.

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  4. I actually need to work out a way to make the sensor bar wireless myself as my machine will be cocktail style in a coffee table but obviously in the same room as my TV so can be plugged into that for gun games etc. :) Any info on wireless sensor bars for AimTrak has me interested.

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000LFJNG6 worked great for wii. I've since ditched it to go wired, so don't know about for aimtrak. Just want the cab to be as self sustaining as it can be. But I assume a ir light is an ir light.

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  5. It's been a little more involved than I would have guessed. Started with MAME and so far so good. I feel like there is going to be a LOT of tinkering. Just curious about calibration. For one player I usually stand in the center, but with two players I will be to a side. Am I going to have to calibrate when switching from one player games to two?

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