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  1. Ignore Richie's reply above me, I think he is missing the point. Yes you can change the font for year and manufacturer. It's done by editing the settings file for that system. You want to scroll all the way down and edit the game text section. It uses the same parameters as the wheel text.
  2. I think there was already a similar thread somewhere from a couple of years ago. Found the link after some digging: Games I would add to that list and have not seen in the first post: Risk of Rain (don't know if fully compatible with gamepad but works with either xpadder or joytokey) Pokemon Uranium Pokemon Insurgence Dead Cells (still in early access but already enough content to include it) The Swindle Killer Instinct 2013 (get the Steam version instead of the Windows Store) Aqua Kitty Milk Mine Defender Absolute Drift Zen Edition Crimzon Clover World Ignition Steredenn Double Dragon IV Double Dragon Neon Raiden IV Overkill Slain Back From Hell
    It's a good effort but the quality is very poor. A lot of the fade screens are 4:3 images with the leftover space filled in by a totally different picture, usually cut off too. Some games just have art from prior or later versions, VF and SF are like this. There's also the game logo already on most of these images, which is kinda useless since fade mostly has the game logo on by default. A lot of redundant files in this pack as well. I don't need hundreds infobars and layer3/4 images, I just need the one that's in the DEFAULT directory. If you are really desperate to get some fade screens then this pack might be for you, otherwise I would stay far away.
  3. I'm sure it's taking so long because they are adding in Denuvo
  4. Yeah Rlauncher doesn't care all that much about capitalisation but I know from experience that Hyperspin insists the rom and media are named correctly. There's tools which do just that tho, look for Don's HyperSpin Tools 4.3.0 Beta if you need to rename a bunch of files at once.
  5. Make sure your roms are named exactly like the listing in the database. Names are CaSe sensitive and this will probably be your issue.
  6. Hi, there is software that allows what you want.
  7. CRC doesn't really matter if you just want to play the game. You can use the Tosec set if it makes you feel any better I personally have the no-intro set and didn't really encounter any problems with roms marked as bad. You can fuzzy match the tosec set with Don's hypertools for easy renaming. The only time where CRC does matter is if you want to apply a translation patch to the game where it states that it requires that specific rom.
  8. Thanks for the likes!

    1. Yeuxkes


      Quality work needs to be acknowledged, even though it's only a simple click from my end. You did an amazing job on all of those themes and it shows! I didn't grab em just yet but will get around to them eventually. 

    2. KlopjerO


      Thanks again. I have some more Castlevania goodness in the pipeline.

  9. You would at least need a 300dpi template and use CMYK colors instead of RGB but the specifics depends on the printer. You can set the dimensions of your canvas in inches instead of pixels. If you know where you will print out your artwork the company will have more details on how you would supply your psd file or whatever format they use. If you don't know which company you will use, we can't give you those details at all. It all depends on which company you choose so contact them and they will inform you.
  10. Yup, no problems with it at all. I've got all my roms & frontend stuff sitting on the E drive.
  11. Yeah totally, it doesn't matter where it's stored. As long as you put in it in the root of the drive. Actually it's not needed to be there but will prevent errors with extremely long path names.
  12. You need to setup a GLOBAL default, Hyperspin and Rocketlauncher profile alongside any game/emulator profiles you might have. That way RocketLauncher knows to go back to the default profile once you exit an emulator. I can't recall for sure the default profile is necessary, but the other two are required if you want RL to switch back. The Hyperspin one is for controlling the frontend obviously and Rocketlauncher profile is a must when browsing Hyperpause. But if you search for JoyToKey on the forums here I'm sure you will come across many threads including some tutorials on how to set it all up.
  13. You can force an update of Rocketlauncher and it will detect the faulty module and will ask you to download it again. Go into Rocketlauncher then on the last tab (RLUI) click on the check for updates button under the settings tab. I'm not running the latest build of PCSX2 , currently on a 1.5.0 dev version, but didn't encounter any issues with it; even with fade turned on. Also have no problems with shutting down the emulator. This is more a problem for Rocketlauncher. You could try and go visit their forums to see if you can find more info about your issue.
  14. I had a similar problem but only with multi disc games. Try and change the module settings hide_ePSXe_gui to false. I'm not using fullscreen cause I like my bezels.
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