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    IT, gaming, arcade, development, pixel art


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  1. Working much and still trying to update my arcade cabinet :)

  2. Looks great Allan, but 2 of them is of World of Warcraft, or at least it's artwork / characters of it, not from warcraft 3.
  3. i see u promoted to the german community ich sprache deutsch !

    haha ( not for real m8 i'm DUTCH not german xD )

    well how u doing ?

    I have been busy with my own cabinet and school again not so much time for hyperspin-fe.com :( i will be here in 2-3 weeks again alot xD

  4. been busy alot with my own arcade cabinet also creating a game for my own cabinet and been busy with school :(

  5. nice job on the main menu theme's for all those systems :drool:

  6. well i'm also not so very skilled with photoshop but still learning alot :P

    i have already created like 5 theme's and uploaded most of them ( some are still unapproved!)

    but any way thanks for the feedback on my theme m8 :)

  7. When I have the time, I try to offer thoughts on themes etc as I know what it is like to create a theme and get no feedback at all.

    My Photoshop skills are really bad but I created a few themes for games I like but figured no one else was going to create them.... feel free to bag me out about them anytime. :-)

  8. thanks for response on my theme m8 :itsme:

  9. Goodday Hollywood,

    My theme's for the pc have been approved a while ago ( but i changed the text) and it got back to unapproved: Bioshock & Warcraft III, Warcraft II Tides of Darkness already have been approved but they are on unapproved again because i changed the text!

    hope u can help me :)

    and PS my theme Messiah has been uploaded at 08-20-2009 but it is stil on unapproved ( do i need to improve any thing or ? )

    thanks for help in advance!

  10. still doing a pretty sweet job at the wheels i can see ;) ( i'm still online but bit busy these days :( )

  11. I'll do what I can, still having problems at the time - But I don't give up and fix some artwork.

    I hope I'm getting better and at the end.... Hope to be 3rd place ;-)

  12. nice jobs on the wheels ;) keep up the good work

  13. hey m8 thanks of the theme creating advice :)



  14. Thankx I am still feeling it . I am just taking it easy for a bit. Get me strength back

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