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  1. Just an edit... when I put mine on the hard drive, I don't run it there. I have it so that I just place the Hyperspin folder within the C: Root. Just like the original setup instructions have you do. I may be lucky, but I have not have any problems on the 3 machines I have moved it to. Very little tweaking, if any. The only exception was the DT drive path changing, but that's cake!
  2. I have done this... I actually keep a backup on an external drive at all times. The thing is, you have to remember to put it in the EXACT same location on all computers once you get the settings saved that you want. Also, make sure that the newer computers have DirectX and Daemon Tools installed (if you will be using it of course). The biggest problem I have found is that different PC's have different drives when using DT. That is an easy fix within the emulator. Also, that the resolution may be different, which is also an easy fix. In all, its easy to swap between PC to PC but you have a few things to check. Much easier than doing it all over. The biggest downside, mine takes about 4 Hours to transfer through USB 3. Good luck!
  3. The Eminem??? That's pretty awesome in itself...
  4. Looks great for a first build. I am jealous, I have to just suck it up and build something soon. You can always look back if you get around to more and see where you started. Really nice work! Good use of recycling as well!!!
  5. I second. That would be very useful for me as well... if it's a big deal, no worries, I will figure it out at some point!
  6. I have a Tankstick and my buttons are set up differently... not sure if this is an oversight or what but I figured I would mention. My buttons (the six buttons) are labeled left to right starting with the bottom. IE) Left Bottom is 1, middle bottom 2, and right bottom 3. Just in case this could also help someone. Thanks Baezl for the tutorial, I will have to do this myself!
  7. That is true dougan, I did have to do that. I have three of these though so once I did it for one, I saved my entire setup on an external drive and just upped it to the other two. At least, I only had to do it once!
  8. I was just curious to see what people thought about using the All In One PC's for a cabinet build. I have access to a few of these but couldn't get my head around how to build a working bar top with one of these. The computers have at least a 500 GB Hard drive, Intel i5 2.90 GHz Processor and it seems to play everything up though PS2 quite well. Has any one used one of these? If so, how did you create ports on the back of your cab for Network, USB, etc. Also, how did you create a button/switch to turn the PC on and off. Lastly, how does this cope with air flow... does it get too hot? Just curious because in overall thinking, this would be a dream in the case of simplicity. I know these seem to run a little higher cost-wise, so not sure if anyone would really opt to use one of these... Just curious about thoughts, ideas and opinions. Really hoping someone may have used this so I can figure out how to make one with this. The retrocade is the design I have my eye on, but I may have to make the plans a bit wider. Thanks all!
  9. Guilty Gear, Soul Caliber, Battle Arena Toshinden, Marvel vs Capcom, Tekken, and there's one more I used to like but can't remember....
  10. Dude these are cool! It would be so cool to have multiple start up videos! Thanks!
  11. I totally agree with Rick. I love diving into new games and finding things I love... that's exactly what keeps me going! I agree as well with the full sets. Now you can find a whole set, have it downloaded, artwork added and be done with it in a day. The only problem is space... I try to stagger what I have on different systems to make up for this. Ultimately, I have my main setup stored on a Network Drive and when I get a new machine, I copy and paste what emulators/games I want.
  12. Get's better everytime... I was trying to think of something cool for the background myself. I was leaning towards the F-Zero theme, but wanted to think of more!
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