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  1. MP4 is just a container. It depends on what the encoding format is. Maybe you don't have H264 decoding on your setup.
  2. There seem to be a lot of problems with MP4 videos and shitty video cards/older setups. If the videos were H264, it's possible that the lack of acceleration on them with older shitty hardware is causing problems.
  3. Just a thought: you could stop your passive aggressive bullshit. You're a phony.
  4. This isn't a matter of personal taste. The Neo Geo CD games are missing animation and have long load times. They're garbage and a waste of space.
  5. There is NO point in 99% of the Neo Geo CD games as the cart versions in MAME are better anyway. Virtually every Sega CD, 32X, 3DO, and GBA game is ass. Less than 1% of those libraries is good.
  6. I think you've got a LOT of shitty games on that system if you're filling up a TB. There aren't that many good games. There is no way you play even a tiny fraction of those. Delete the crap.
  7. Nobody wants to hear it, but Hyperspin just flat out blows for this kind of application. The applications you launch FROM Hyperspin will lose focus if you really hammer inputs while a game is launching. It's simply not a very good frontend when it actually comes to bulletproof FRONTEND functionality. Mala, Attract Mode, and Big Blue are all lightyears ahead of Hyperspin in terms of actually launching games. Now that Attract Mode supports Hyperspin themes, I really don't see a rational justification for using Hyperspin.
  8. Did you guys hear that Attract Mode now runs Hyperspin themes? There's pretty much no reason to use Hyperspin anymore.
  9. Yup. This game fucked me hard. It runs at half speed at 4k, so I got double fucked. Slow motion and the controls don't work. Already refunded the turd splat.
  10. Nobody calls me HyperNewbie. It's Beard. Bulbous Q. Beard.
  11. Right-click on the EXE, go into Properties, go into the Compatibility tab, and check "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings." If the program isn't a complete pile of shit (with Hyperspin, not guaranteed), it might work.
  12. It seems weird, but it makes a lot of sense when you think about how CRTs actually look. Someone made a great image that makes it obvious why it requires so much resolution. Every "pixel" on a CRT takes 5+ vertical pixels on an LCD to look roughly equivalent, and there's at least two empty vertical pixels worth of space for scanlines (even though you probably need more than that to account for the fact that there are varying sizes of subpixel per scanline; even at 5 vertical pixels, you're losing subtle subpixel details). You effectively need 7+ vertical pixels per pixel MINIMUM to even begin to simulate a CRT pixel with scanlines. Now add in bloom effects and other CRT effects, and you need even more pixels. Say a game is 320x240. Oops. You need at least 1680 vertical pixels to even get close to simulating a CRT. 2560x1440 isn't good enough. What's the next step up? It's even worse if you're trying to do a medium resolution game such as Rampage, because now you're needing a whopping 2,688 vertical pixels to get there. Even 4k doesn't have that much resolution. By the way, one of the things that basically every CRT shader gets wrong is that scanlines are almost never true black spaces between subpixels. They're almost always just alpha blended darker pixels. It's fundamentally wrong. Scanlines are EMPTY SPACE. Most shaders don't accurately represent scanlines because the authors know that most people don't have enough resolution to pump out both the subpixels and the actual gaps between scanlines. Ask any good CRT simulation shader author. They'll tell you that they want 8k resolution to really do the job justice. 4k is adequate but not ideal.
  13. You're right, because like I said, part of the problem is that CRT simulations require a lot of resolution. Youtube converted the video to 1080p, but I was running at 2560x1440. At 2560x1440, GLSL with the Lottes shader does have even scanlines. You need 3840x2160 to get even remotely close to even scanlines with HLSL, and they're still not as good as GLSL at 1440p.
  14. Isn't that a little premature when there isn't even a good emulator for it yet?
  15. I absolutely did try your settings, and I have a CRT monitor to compare against here as well, and the Timothy Lottes shader with GLSL is objectively more authentic. The main red flag with your settings is that every color is completely wrong, and blacks aren't black. Blacks with those settings actually look like they're dark green. It isn't right. Take a 16:9 screenshot of Street Fighter 2's boot screen with no widescreen artwork to cover up the pillarboxed area. I bet that the background won't be the same color as the black pillarboxed area. Your settings can't be authentic if they can't even display the color black correctly, right? I know I didn't use your brightness, gamma, and contrast settings here, but I tried it with and without your settings, and it doesn't fix any of the issues raised in the following video. Blacks should _not_ look like that. It's completely wrong. That combined with the uneven scanlines just kills the effect completely. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUIQ0rSbjYg
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