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  2. This Topic can be marked as solved this is what I did I re looked into my main menu video folder and noticed there was an Flv file with the same name as the system for example (Nintendo 64.flv) there was also a (Nintendo 64.mp4) the flv file was the Aeon Nox Video where as the mp4 was the original that came with the hyperspin setup I deleted the flv files added new videos where needed and they were all back to normal I had the Aeon Nox theme before but it wasn't really my cup of tea sleek design looked great but just didn't like it for my setup anyways that is how I fixed it Thanks again for the Help agent47 just remember when something goes wrong look for the simplest fixes first in my case it was super simple and I was pulling my hair out wondering what was wrong then if it isn't simple well once you learn Hyperspin it is simple then move up to more complicated reasons for the problem
  3. Tried renaming the n64 transition no luck so I went in and copied the main menu media folder from the hyperspin 1.33 download and it is still the same looks the same as before this is weird if I add a new system it is fine the video is correct for example commodore 64 is fine I usually can figure out hyperspin stuff but this is stumping me and I hate to be stumped...
  4. here is a screen shot of my HyperHQ the video path is correct would the Override Transitions folder have anything to do with it there is a flv file called Nintendo 64 in there
  5. can't say if I am or not but this is the video playing in VLC from the main menu video folder is there a way to tell if it is the Aeon Nox video or not cause this almost looks normal to me
  6. Ok the problem I am having is the videos for the system's on the main menu are working I can hear them and see them but the box where the video plays has the video in a small sorta Wide screen format it looks weird almost like if I had the Aeon Nox theme installed which I do not I attached a screen shot of the problem i am having all my systems are like this on the main menu would really hate to have to delete everything and restart over I have allot of time into setting this up thanks in advance for any help....
  7. just messaged you hope I did it right
  8. ok went to the address and got the message Cannot GET then went to hyperbase\hyperbaselive\core\app\server there is a file settings.json
  9. let me check I will add a exception to my firewall to allow the connection see if that helps thank you everyone for your help
  10. running the update for it now if it doesn't work then I will try in compatibility mode for xp or 7
  11. Wish I could but seeing how this is my only PC makes it hard
  12. I have tried the link from my desktop as admin from the folder as admin with no luck No matter what I do it stays stuck at the loading screen question should I run the updater.exe
  13. ci2own still doing the same thing staying stuck on the loading screen going to leave it up for awhile and see what happens i tried to run as admin also no luck
  14. let me try again forgot to empty trash will shoot myself if that is all it is be back in a few to post an update
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