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  1. Yeah, kinda. The theme is ancient and doesn't match any of the other system themes. All the video previews and game logos are there. Use the BlueMSX core in RetroArch as your emulator.
  2. I hope that HyperBase Live will go the way of RocketLauncher and become frontend independent. LaunchBox has a similar function but not on the level of what you guys are doing here. Be nice to be able to use this instead. As the authors of the flagship program, you guys would have the authority to standardize the folder layout external to the FE folder. I'm keeping HyperSpin even as I'm setting up BigBox. Be nice if they played along. Even RetroArch has moved into the FE arena utilizing carts, boxes etc. Why should anyone devote themselves to a single front end if we could easily set up and manage multiples? Each new front end would be encouraging people to contribute art and assets to EmuMovies and all of us would benefit.
  3. Lash out much? Yikes lol Feedback can be frustrating, but it's also valuable. You don't have to take suggestions literally. You're just looking for clues about the user experience. Keep up the good work!
  4. Adjust the kerning on "DATA" so that the letter spacing looks consistent with the rest of the word. In photoshop, get the cursor between the two letters, hold option, and hit the arrow sideways. On the earlier one, the space between the icon and "sync" is really awkward. I think you'd want to left align it or have the icon underlap the word. "HyperBase" is such a long word - it just begs to be truncated. HB or HyprBs or something. I really liked your original. Why can't you use that but with some color and then for the icon, just do an "HB" version of the letters?
  5. I'm currently having a similar problem. It doesn't know the difference between my PS3 and Xbox360 controllers and it seems to assign the port as 1 or 2 randomly. I set up the profiles for them all and it worked for a couple times, but now it's not assigning a profile at all. Not sure if this is an RLUI or Xpadder problem or what. I alt-tab to xpadder and it's just blank until I manually open the correct profile. I restarted it again and now no buttons are working at all (mednafen). I don't know what I did trying to fix that but mednafen isn't finding my save and savestates now. It's putting mcr's in the main directory and I can't find an example of how to tell it what directories to use or what the default directories are. This is off topic but I'm just expressing my frustration with unreliability in general.
  6. Thank you very much for the tutorials. Even for things I have running, I check them out to understand things better or to troubleshoot when I have problems. On your RetroArch tutorial, I noticed you set up your key bindings wrong. When it says "B down", the "down" means the bottom button on your pad. Not the letter B on the Xbox controller which is to the right. They refer to everything in relation to their RetroArch Pad. It would have been awesome to show the effects the shaders have. I don't even know what HLSL, GLSL and overlays are. It would be great to have an advanced tutorial to cover things like in HyperHQ What Artwork 1,2,3,4 are, what are interstitial backgrounds, what effect does App Quality have... I have tried turning these off and on and don't know where to look for the difference. Things like how to set up themes for 16x9 and then prevent HyperSync from overwriting it. How to do disc swaps for multi disc games. How to set up HyperPause, Instruction Cards, Plugins Artwork, and where to get the content for it. What is rom mapping? I don't understand many of the module options even after reading the tooltip descriptions. How to set up Xbox360 and PS3 controls in MAME (and so there isn't a 1.5 minute freeze before they work in HS). Basically all the things that I haven't figured out or fully gotten to work even though I've had HS up and running for almost two years. Just some ideas if you needed any. Thanks again.
  7. I didn't think that Wonderswan Color was obscure, but there's no wheels for it and none of the games appear to be translated... I'm pretty boring I guess. I had Pokemon Mini but couldn't get it to work and it didn't seem worth it so I removed it. Also removed Virtual Boy.
  8. Every time I run HyperSync, it downloads Famicom Tantei Club Part II - Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo (Japan) (Translated En) for the Nintendo Super Famicom and overwrites my existing video with one with zero bytes. I keep a copy of the correct video that I found at EmuMovies or somewhere. Why does it do this and can it be fixed? Thanks
  9. Xpadder really isn't all that necessary anymore. I use Ghutch's Startup Script to control HyperSpin, and I set up controls in each emulator individually (although most of them are like RetroArch which recognizes my controller). The only thing I use Xpadder for now is to exit emulators. Xpadder introduces lag converting your controller to keyboard inputs. It's much better to use emulators that recognize your 360 controller directly.
  10. Emotionless doesn't look serious. I have a nearly perfect PS2 emulator - it's called Jailbroken PS3.
  11. This frontend is worth looking at. It's unfortunate you haven't gotten much attention from us. It looks nicer than GameEx and it's actually pretty unique. It would be great to support HyperSpin wheels on this. I love the concept of a simple minigame in the front end to decide which player gets to choose the game. This would be great for a cabinet loaded only with multiplayer games. Would be amazing if in the future it included multiple minigames at random, kind of like a Mario Party experience. Lots of potential here! I love the apparent simplicity of the setup. I wonder what limitations there are when compared to HyperSpin's modules. If I ever get HyperSpin set up to my satisfaction I will definitely give this a shot.
  12. These are great. Are some of the aspect ratios distorted? You can resize with the transform tool in photoshop and hold shift to keep the correct aspect ratio.
  13. It took me a couple months to get HyperSpin to work and the whole problem had to do with sound. My system didn't have a speaker connected. By chance I plugged in headphones, fired up HyperSpin and it worked! It's clear that there is a priority list to how things should be addressed, but I don't think that certain bugs should be left as-is just because we've since found workarounds. Fixing a bug often corrects more than just the issue that called attention to it.
  14. Giga's a good dude. His tutorials were my introduction to HyperSpin. He's helped me personally on several occasions. Give the man the banhammer! Glad to see things moving along around here.
  15. Will always read like Baddie-Evolve to me.
  16. lol @ craiganderson. Get a pet and name it that. It's hilarious when pets have last names. DamnedRegistrations - Don't change it! I've always thought yours was cool. When I see it, inwardly I affirm, "UH-Huh!". I'm mostly thinking about restricted usernames and passwords that are the bane of human existence. Mine signifies a trap door hanging down from a tree fort. Suspended Hatch. Had a tree house growing up. Initially I mostly used it in car forums and some people have thought it means an impounded hatchback or suspended license. Coincidentally, most of my cars have been hatchbacks. My avatar photo is a scan of a polaroid of my son pondering the device that consumed so much of my attention. He would grow up to be quite the Call of Duty master. Quick reflexes and solid concentration in that one.
  17. 3D print that stuff instead. Cheaper, quicker prototyping, no need to maintain stock. I don't know how you'd do the wiring with a 3d printer but all the plastic bits would be piece of cake. Just a random thought...
  18. Rad. Thanks for the heads up. I was never expecting this. A lot of people didn't know what to think, and a lot of other people didn't know what to tell them. Keep it vague, and stay off the forums. Maybe drop in and give us an honest State of the Union every three months. That should keep the drama down to a dull rumbling. Looking forward to seeing HyperSpin move forward!
  19. I just wish they'd make the cfg files work consistently. On my desktop PC retroarch works fine probably because it's all handled by HyperSpin. But on my mac it was a huge pain getting it to work because it kept reverting to some default cfg file I never found and that no one on the libretro forum could help me with. Eventually I got it working but it still reverts any further changes I make. Particularly frustrating because for some reason when I play NES, the start button resets the rom!
  20. The people over at GameEx aren't designers. Front ends are all about presentation and without good graphic design, I'm not interested. GameEx is the Microsoft to HyperSpin's mac. All corporate looking and not user friendly. I'd rather have an old Mac (2009 Intel) than a brand new PC.
  21. Wow. Not a big fan of bartops but this has made me reconsider. Looks really great.
  22. That was part of my point, adding support to the posts before mine. I have a slower processor than his but enough RAM.
  23. I'm on a Core Duo and I have very minor, if any slowdown. Not really noticeable. Maybe it blends in with the whole retro effect. Anyhow, your processor is a LOT faster than mine so you should have no problems. I'm on Windows 7 and I can't remember whether I have 4 or 8 gigs of ram. I'll have to check when I get home. I think I tried 8 and there was no improvement so I dropped back to 4 and put the other 4 in my other comp. One thing I will say is that upgrading my video card made a world of difference and I only spent $35 including shipping.
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