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  1. This build is simply stunning. I am in awe
  2. Lovely. As and when I get round to building a cab, it will also be a viewlix design
  3. Awesome! Hit it on the head Interestingly, the wheel art was all from 2010 which goes to show how long I've lived without a genre wheel! I'll now look for some new stuff
  4. Yip. As soon as I select the genre option, the screen goes black. Interestingly I can't then go up a level. I need to Ctrl Alt Del to switch HyperSpin off.
  5. Jumpstile Unfortunately, Don's xml's made no difference an appeared to by size for size identical to those already in my MAME database folder. I'm not sure how long I've been without genres, but it's been some time. Wonder if its a RL setting?
  6. Cheers Jumpstile. Will do that and see if that fixes the problem.
  7. Folks I'm trying to resolve a genre menu issue I've had for some time. When I select the genre option my system simply goes to a black screen which I cannot get out off. I have all the relevant xml files and an appropriate mame.xml with genre entries. But even when I create a single entry Genre.xml, nothing. I think there was some threads on this issue in the past, but I think they have been deleted with the refresh of the website. I'm sure its a simple fix, but I'm currently stumped. Anyone else had and fixed this issue? Thanks in avance Stovies
  8. Just found Nova table for Visual Pinball - that's the standard I was looking for. Anyone else got suggestions?
  9. 32assassin I'm struggling to find a Widescreen (16:9) Visual Pinball table which is essentially "awesome" and really shows of the platform. Any suggestions? Stovies
  10. Folks I've for Philips Hue working with Kodi but wondered whether anyone had found a way to get the system responding to HyperSpin - which would be awesome!!!
  11. Great build. What are using for the coloured lights They are awesome!
  12. Blimey! 513 media files updated. Cheers!
  13. Struck me again for some reason today that after installing Hyperspin over 2 years ago, I've simply enjoyed this hobby more than in the decade of emulation I was involved in before. Hyperspin just makes the whole experience REALLY fun!!! Selecting stuff from the wheels with background art and bespoke tunes is almost as much fun as playing the games. Cheers BBB
  14. Looks sweet! And two vacuums just to make sure that gaming corner stays neat and tidy!
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