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    favorites wheel

    That is not a difficult thing to do. Just create a new system called Castlevania in HyperHQ, and create an xml called Castlevania.xml with all the games you want in it. Then in HyperLaunchHQ under Castlevania, add every potential emulator you would want to use (or create them under global so they will be available to Castlevania system). Then under Games tab under Castlevania, choose sub tab Alternate Emulators. Assign each game to which emulator it should use, and what it's original system is. That's it. What OP is asking is a little more involved, since your favorites across all systems probably greatly outnumbers the amount of Castlevania titles. But it could be done with some ini editing or write a batch script to create the xml and alternate emulators ini. For Castlevania, I would just do it manually.
  2. That looks exactly like what I needed, but I already started removing them, changing themes, etc. I'll give that a try if I need it again in the future. But yes, it was the transition videos (flv) that I was referring to, and not the wheel sounds (that volume control works well).
  3. There's no setting other than master volume that adjusts transition volume for me. But that will make EVERYTHING really quiet. Where? They seem to be flv files for me. Is there an easy way to edit those? I don't see any mp3 files.
  4. A handful of the transitions are really, really loud in comparison to the other sounds (wheels, videos, etc.). It would be nice to be able to control the volume on transition effects independently, or at least have them adjust according to another setting (other than master volume). As it stands I will need to remove a few of the transitions (Neo Geo, Sega Genesis, etc.) that are far too loud for the system.
  5. Eh, I can't tell if we are on the same page or not. Open up the cue file in notepad for beyond shadowgate. The very top line should point to an iso file. That iso file has to exist with that filename. If they match, you are good from that standpoint. It's not that mednafen needs a certain naming convention, it just loads the iso based on the file name from the first line in the cue file. It's probably something else if it isn't even generating a stdout.txt...
  6. The filename of the iso very much matters to mednafen, it must match what is specified in the cue file exactly. Also, I use syscard3.pce for what it's worth. Is mednafen at least generating a stdout.txt file (or other log) when you try to run?
  7. It sounds like it could potentially be an issue with the game(s). Double check that the first line in your cue files match the iso filenames exactly. This gets people all the time. Also make sure they are unzipped for now, just to narrow down any issues. I wouldn't worry too much about the cue files not referencing specific files, they really only need to point to the iso, and not mp3 or wav files. I think this happens when people convert the mp3 back to wav for emulator compatibility, but if you just have cue/iso (direct rip) you should be fine. The cue file should still have track time information though. Try to get your hands on some different cd images from another source if it's still not working, and failing that I would start asking on the mednafen forums, or try another emulator. I only suggested retroarch to see if you could load the games. Whether it is a configuration issue or something wrong with the cue/iso files. Good luck!
  8. Usually if you have a cue/iso you don't need to worry about converting mp3s. Otherwise you would have a cue file and a bunch of mp3s in a folder together. You say black screen. Are you launching from Hyperspin or Hyperlaunch, or directly from Mednafen (or MedGui, etc.)? Get it working outside of Hyper first. You can try using Retroarch (directly) to test your cue/iso too, since it uses Mednafen (fast) pce, and it's pretty easy to use. That might help narrow down the problem.
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