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  1. I love ALL of your themes. Keep it up!! :D

  2. Hi,

    is it possible to change the buttons to shield ones? i can hand you the .psd file with needed buttons included. because i don´t know how to handle the .swf. would be really awesome. also i´d like to change text to german. thanks in advance



    1. thatman84


      There are some in the android forum. Not German though. Search Shield Special art

    2. ps3johnny
  3. I'll try and throw them into the FTP server at some point
  4. Pretty much! Aorin had a few videos that lined up with ones I found on emu movies that had better quality, so I changed the naming conventions on some of those videos. When I say some, I mean around ten or less, so it would be pretty easy to fix if you really wanted to use Aorin's videos instead. (I also found that the two videos for the Super Mario Brothers 2 Famicom Disk System hacks crashed my hyperspin so I just renamed those. Those are included if you want to try for yourself.) In any case, I just combined his database with one I made so there's a good chunk of games added to this one. Also, instead of 'Manufacturer', I listed the console the game is from in the database.
  5. Aorin made an incredible 'Hacked Games' collection for everyone. I actually requested something like this before users pointed me to his thread where it hadn't been released yet. At this point, I already made my own database of hacked games that I found in video snap packs I had downloaded from the emumovies ftp. Fast forward to Aorin's release of his themes and videos, it was awesome. He made an amazing amount of videos, and included a well put together database. Although the graphics that were supplied were awesome, they weren't anything I was looking forward to. No offense to him, I thought they looked great - it was just that I was looking for something different. The past couple weeks I took all of his work and heavily modified everything to something I'm pretty happy with. So without much more background explanation, I wanted to give everyone my modification of his release: Game Hacks Collection! (Screens are attached) Each wheel is in a frame (Don't ask if I can upload them without the frame, I can't and I won't). The top of the wheel will have the original game's logo. The bottom of the wheel will have text describing what the hack is. For example, if you look at the wheel in the screen shot below - Super Mario World is the base game and the mod/ hack is "Shy Guy's Adventure". Each wheel has different colors identifying what console they are coming from. I based the colors and backdrops on themes that I'm currently using. Because you may want to add your own games in, I've included templates in the download package so you can do that. (The font used is Franklin Gothic Medium.) The database is based off of Aorin's original database, but I've added more than 100 titles from the database I started before his release - and added a few more that came to mind. I have made a few tweeks to Aorin's videos, but for the most part those videos will work with this database. I will be uploading my video collection (it's around 5+ gb) including the 100 I added from Emu Movies. Mod's, if you have a problem with this I won't post this video collection. As far as RLauncher settings go... I haven't even configured my setup yet. You're on your own with that! Thank you Aorin for starting awesome work on your original assets and to everyone else who was involved with that project. Thank you Wertredgreen for the awesome logo and background. Thank you Hyperspin and the Hyperspin Community for being so awesome all of the time. I hope people can use this! Downloads Database Settings.ini System Wheel Main Theme Default Theme Images (Wheel Art, Pointer, Letters, etc) Aorin's Intro Video Videos
  6. I just upgraded from 7 to Window 10 a couple of hours ago. Right now I'm doing all the preliminary installs (Office, Steam, Adobe Ps/In/Il/Fl/etc) before I get into Rocket Launcher and HyperSpin. I'll report back and let you know what ends up happening . Tried launching a game from RL and turns out it wants me to have .NET Framework 2.0 installed so that's problem numero uno for me. Also, had to change my JoyToKey startup directory in HyperHQ because all the drive letters shifted.
  7. That's a good question. I can't really say which one will be great, just because I never bought one before - but I came across this one... though it doesn't look amazing. Try getting it from Amazon if you can, they have a pretty good reputation of being reliable
  8. I'd love to add this to my collection. Any wheel art/ video snaps to go along with it? Looks great!
  9. If I'm reading this right, you're trying to find an online shop you can buy an N64 or GCN wireless controller? For a wireless GCN controller, it looks like you're down to Wavebirds from e-Bay/Amazon or other third party controllers. The only third party controller I've found was also featured in a youtube video for being pretty bad. Like, not-responding-to-input bad. As for the wireless N64 controllers, I found a couple promising after-market controllers that seem to get the job done.
  10. Woah, these are pretty cool! Despite having NES already completed in my setup, I kinda want to include Famicom now haha
  11. Version 1.00


    I created some buttons for people who use the Xbox 360 Controller with Hyperspin. However, if anyone wanted to make any alterations to what I have done - I've included the editable files and all the assets you would need to do that. The HyperHQ settings I've used are included as well. Edit: I didn't include 'Genre' because I don't use that function in Hyperspin. Like I said, I included the editable so anyone can add it. I would use the 'X' button in the zip, set the outer glow to blue (default settings), throw a drop shadow in (default settings) and make the text white without any kind of (emulated) stroke. Cheers!
  12. I'll bump this thread, I'd like to see if there was any progress made. I started doing something to this effect: The design and placement is definitely not final, but I wanted to incorporate something like this into my build. It's useful for nights when you got four buddies over so you don't have to take the time to boot a game up and find out it's just two player. Edit: I'll totally help out with whatever list.
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