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  1. https://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/35556-hyperspin-android-apk/
  2. You cannot change the paths to anything, other than the videos. You can change the video path in HyperHQ
  3. Yes, I used nonag version too though I just test it on official MAME 0.216 and it works fine with that too.
  4. No problem. FYI, Kung-Fu Master works perfectly fine on latest MAME 0.216 set.
  5. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AKj9zHNOnTvkZXM&cid=8F1E2E1B27C9F920&id=8F1E2E1B27C9F920!240&parId=8F1E2E1B27C9F920!174&action=locate
  6. Module changed from 0.211 on MAME, that's why MAME 0.215 works, and 0.170 does not. Look for previous module for MAME and link it to your 0.170 set if required.
  7. Creezz67


    works ok for me.
  8. Maybe don't start off saying you bought a pre-loaded drive !! This is frowned upon generally. ps, check android forums on Hyperspin for info you require.
  9. Yes, 23 games running with the MAME emulator
  10. check in your frontend folder in media, or media,main menu, backgrounds
  11. Hi all, Has anyone got Visual Pinball working, using RL & Hyperspin ? I can get it to load, but every time it loads, it loads in the background when using .vpt tables. Everything works fine in my Virtual Pinball setup manually, just have this issue when running through RL/Hyperspin VPX tables all load and play fine, just have this issue using .vpt tables. Have also tried every version of VPinMAME, also 9.9.5, 9.1.2 etc emulators, all the same, they load game, but all in the background, (a simple alt tab and game loads and plays fine) Any ideas out there ? Thanks
  12. did you add 7z and zip to the rom extensions for the emulator you are using ?
  13. Zip your files up and enable 7z in RL for Acorn Atom. Also add 7z or zip to your emulator
  14. Go to Navigation/Themes and tick roms only Or just have the wheelart you have games for in your Wheel folder in media, and tick wheels only
  15. go and remove the files you don't want to show from your media, images, Special folder
  16. Hi all, Am I missing something ? Using NVIDIA SHIELD TV, when i try to exit MAME4droid in Hyperspin, instead of it exiting back to Hyperspin wheel it now kicks me out to the dashboard. Is there a setting that I need to change in the emulator to exit back to Hyperspin, as l am sure this always used to be exit mame4droid was yes or no then went back to Hyperspin ? Games load and play fine, it's just the exit that's the issue. Thanks in advance for any info
  17. i can confirm, not working with everything i have tried. Luckily 1.7.7 still working fine
  18. So can you use RA 1.7.8 (32bit nightly) from buildbot.libretro on NVS or is 1.7.8 a no no ?
  19. Try using enabled = true in MAME for fade in, rather than global. Sometimes it needs to be set to true for some reason (on my setup anyway)
  20. Finally sorted it, looks like I had the wrong bios files (even though the ones i had worked fine on PC for Neo Geo CD) Thanks for your help.
  21. Still no luck, Have done everything above and it now tries to load saying loading complete, but then jumps out back to Hyperspin before it starts. Can these roms be played from external hdd or do they need to go on internal ? I am using external. Thanks
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