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  1. How to convert my HS favorites.txt to xml? Como converter meu HS favorites.txt to xml? 😥
  2. it looks good to me but i have 41 roms missing.
  3. Which xml corresponds to this fullset (MAME 0.200 ROMs (merged)) The pack has so many!!
  4. I dont know where DL or create the new mame v0.200 xml file.
  5. https://m.facebook.com/groups/399832893521843?view=permalink&id=930115750493552 I'll try again to see if I get better results. Too bad that the Hyperspin team does not solve this type of problem or that the solution could go through an improvement of hypertheme. See ya.
  6. MAnddrakke


  7. Nao é BR mas sim PT (PORTUGUES) LOL Cumpr a todos,
  8. Xbox 360 controller dont work , wheel not stop after moving,
  9. Wheel acts ultra sensitive, I can not pass with x360 controller system to system or game by game try to choose a game or a system, wheel moves a fifth or rotates no stop, i try 1.3 and 1.3.1 and no work, only 1.0 1.2 work 100%, solutions? Sorry my poor english.
  10. alguien que puede conseguir GBA 3D Art Box (not 224x224)???? Gracias.
  11. Gracias mas los link megaupload no funiconan
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