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  1. Version C


    Sega Master System TecToy - C - (Darkbelmonte22-06-2015) - Alex Kid
  2. Version A


    Sega Master System TecToy - B - (Darkbelmonte22-06-2015) - Mônica
  3. Version A


    Sega Master System TecToy - A - (Darkbelmonte22-06-2015) - Phantasy Star
  4. Version 20101113


    NES Modern System Default (4:3)-darkbelmonte Video Snap available from EmuMovies
  5. Version 20110806


    NES System Theme - 25th Anniversary-darkbelmonte Video Snap available from EmuMovies
  6. Version 20101209


    NES Mascot System Theme (4:3)-darkbelmonte Theme with classic Nintendo characters (simple edition of the official theme background) Video Snap available from EmuMovies
  7. Thanks for the help it really was. Was sorely lacking my attention.
  8. I can not choose a system Administrator sorry, it was wrong and posted the message 2x, delete this
  9. yes! All systems appear with icon only capcom sistem not appear, but the rest are all named as hylaucher 3x. I even tried starting a system from scratch standard for testing, yet the error remains. data file "debug" - 06:15:09.329] Message: Attempting to load news feed... [2014-01-07 06:15:12.769] Message: News feed has been updated and displayed... [2014-01-07 06:15:14.365] Message: Updating the HyperBase icon... [2014-01-07 06:15:14.367] Message: Saving good name as darkbelmonte [2014-01-07 06:15:14.368] Message: Name updated, this session is now named darkbelmonte [2014-01-07 06:15:14.368] Message: Logged into HyperSpin as Platinum member... [2014-01-07 06:15:14.368] Message: Downloading and updating user avatar... [2014-01-07 06:15:14.849] Message: Avatar has been updated... [2014-01-07 06:15:14.856] Message: Attempting EmuMovies.com login... [2014-01-07 06:15:15.718] Message: Updating the EmuMovies icon... [2014-01-07 06:15:15.718] Message: Logged into EmuMovies.com as darkbelmonte... [2014-01-07 06:15:15.718] Message: Updating the HyperBase icon color... [2014-01-07 06:15:15.719] Message: UPdating the EmuMovies icon color... [2014-01-07 06:15:15.773] Message: HyperSync loading complete, new status IDLE... [2014-01-07 06:15:15.773] Message: HyperSync is now in variable receive mode... [2014-01-07 06:15:27.200] Message: Saving settings FOLDERS - hyperspin_download - D:\Hyperspin\Media [2014-01-07 06:15:27.202] Message: Saved settings to %AppData%\HyperSync\settings.ini [2014-01-07 06:15:36.378] Warning: Cancelling synchronization - no systems detected, try linking some systems first... [2014-01-07 06:15:50.683] Warning: Cancelling synchronization - no systems detected, try linking some systems first... [2014-01-07 06:15:54.528] Message: Saving settings GENERAL - error_submissions - True any suggestions?
  10. I followed all the guidelines for the Hypersync installation as below: Hypersync in D: \ Hyperspin \ Hypersync \ [FOLDERS] hyperspin_root = D: \ Hyperspin alternate_videos = True hyperspin_download = D: \ Hyperspin \ Media Setup the login Hyperspin and Emumovies and logged in normally, but it is not possible in / sync system only choose ficanso all system and returning when I click Begin Sync: "Could not find any HyperSync configurede system" and "Okay" button "Hey Buddy!" "Before you try synchronizing, how about some systems first?" "Okay" button But as I said earlier systems to choose not appear in / sync / system only / sync / Average version Can you help me please to use the system?
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