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  1. Does retroarch have the full collection?
  2. Has anyone tried with two bars for two players?
  3. I think the problem might be related to something with one of the NEC Systems. Anyone run into problems like this also When I click in Namco System 22 I get a black screen.
  4. Would like if hyperhq had a option like Wheel only for Videos. Video Only or/and Wheels and Videos Only.
  5. Think you can sync them then.
  6. Do you have a Technos one by chance?
  7. I think the size of these need a little tweaking.
  8. Is the theme available anywhere?
  9. These ever get done and up on the ftp or anywhere?
  10. Capa

    Any HBMame Wheels?

    I downloaded hbmame .159 and it only had 350 roms or so.. I'll look for .155.
  11. Capa

    Any HBMame Wheels?

    do you know what set this database is from by chance?
  12. anyone know how i can make or trick the games get read in the audit in hlhq?
  13. Any HBMame Wheels floating around the ftp? Thanks.
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