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  1. I figured it out - I had extracted the theme.xml file to edit and then when I put it back into the ZIP file it was compressed, so HS was not reading the file properly. As soon as I replaced the file using no compression it came good and now shows vertical vids in their native aspect.
  2. I may not have explained it as well as I should have. The file \Media\MAME\Themes\default.zip that comes with HS shows both horizontal and vertical videos in their correct aspect ratio. I have replaced that with a nice looking theme (shown in my first post) that does not, so I'd like to know how to make it behave the same as the standard one. If need be I can post some screenshots depicting exactly what's happening.
  3. I'm doing a reasonably simple HS setup with just a single MAME wheel. I have a good mixture of games, many without their own HS themes, in both vertical and horizontal. For those without their own theme I am using the following theme as the default: Sorry for not crediting its creator but I've downloaded so much recently that i can't remember where I got everything! Anyway, what I've found is that horizontal games display with the correct aspect, but vertical games are stretched and they don't look that great. Further compunding this is that I am running it on a widescreen monitor. I have researched this but can't work out how to "force" it to show vertical (3:4) videos in their correct aspect ratio. Here is a copy of the THEME.XML file: <Theme> <video w="462" h="342" x="334" y="437" r="0" below="no" forceaspect="both" time="1" delay="0" bsize="0" bsize2="0" bsize3="0" bcolor="0" bcolor2="0" bcolor3="0" bshape="round" type="ease" start="left"/> <artwork2 x="954" y="699" time="1" delay ="5" type="ease" start="bottom" rest="hover"/> </Theme> Can someone suggest what I need to add/alter so that 4:3 and 3:4 videos maintain their correct aspect using this theme?
  4. Help, I've hit a snag! I've been running WIP9 for ages as I use a slightly modded version that I compiled for myself that disables access to the Service Menu. It works perfectly well, however not with Direct B2S tables! Every time I close a dB2S table in HyperPin it appears to "freeze", however it is simply due to the active backglass not being shut down. If I hold down my Pause/Quit button I get the 3,2,1... screens which THEN closes the backglass, sends focus back to HyperPin and allows proper functionality to resume. But if I rename the table file so it has B2s at the end of it (eg ACDC-B2S.vpt) I end up with an error message when trying to run the table: I'm pretty sure this is due to using an old version of FPLaunch which has the routine from Rosve for handling the older type of B2S tables. So after all that, is there a way I can contiue to use my modded WIP9 FPlaunch file or do I need to bite the bullet and use WIP10? Am I supposed to name the tables XXXX-B2S.vpt and XXXX-B2S.directb2s for them to work correctly in HyperPin with WIP10? I'm apprehensive about updating FPLaunch as this machine is running 285 tables without issue and it's at my sporting club with a lot of different people using it, so I don't want to get caught up with too many problems as a result of trying to add a few new tables!
  5. Do you have another PC you can try it on? That might help you to work out if the problem is the ASRock motherboard or something else......
  6. Really nice job, nice artwork and the entire cab is finished very tastefully. For the rectangle buttons on the front panel, did you consider notching out the panel and removing the spacers from the buttons so they could be flush mounted? It's a bit of messing around but a nice effect having such a low profile. With the PC, how did you go getting everything to behave in Win8? Oh, and thanks for dropping my name as a supplier, too!
  7. Good one maxx! I can vouch for the awesome work that Troy from Arcadeworx does - I've had a few cabinets made by him now and they are always excellent quality and as you say, his attention to detail is flawless. One of these days I should post a build thread but the only time I seem to take pics is when most of the fit out is done, so it would be more of a BUILT thread....... For mesh, I found this stuff on eBay: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Aluminium-DIY-Mesh-Gutter-Guard-Keeps-Leaves-Out-/260562759542?pt=AU_Building_Materials&hash=item3caac02f76 It works really well, is very easy to cut (just use scissors) and best of all it is CHEAP!
  8. Don't use the speakers you get in the monitors, they are underpowered and will sound very crappy!!! Drill a radial array of holes in the TOP panel of the backbox and mount a decent pair of speakers inside pointing up. To deflect the sound forward you could use a small sheet of acrylic/perspex and if you're really creative, make it act as a topper and have it etched with the cabinet's name and attach an LED strip to the bottom of it so the acrylic sheet gets flooded with light. Something like this would be perfect: http://www.ebay.com/itm/j292-b-Diner-Cafe-Restaurant-Food-Bar-Neon-Light-Sign-/180686636332?pt=UK_Sound_Vision_Other&hash=item2a11c3452c
  9. Actually on mine it's only a 17" - you don't really "miss" the DMD as I used as many 2 screen backglass images as possible and for those tables without one I made a mask to mimic the speaker/DMD panel and rescaled the backglass image so it all fit into a 1280x1024 image. It actually worked out quite well.
  10. A 19" 4:3 non rotated with a 26" PF would be good and 19" 4:3 monitors are far easier to find than 21", which are rather rare. You will have a sufficient footprint inside the cab for either a microATX or standard ATX PC. Just mount everything on a sliding shelf/drawer so you can pull it out at the back to access. As others have said there are quite a few examples on MiniPins here that you'll find with a bit of searching. Mine is here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?7848 Keep in mind that you have a very small space to work in so you need to carefully design the cabinet to ensure you have easy access to all the internals.
  11. It's all OK, I managed to work out a solution that will suit my needs. Instead of disable everything inside the Service Menu, I just disabled the Service Menu itself. I found the section in the script where it calls the menu and made the following changes: } Else If (menuItem = 4) { ; service menu SoundPlay alert.wav ;serviceMenuOn = 1 ;menuItem = 1 ;toLog("Exit Menu Swapped - Service") ;Gosub MenuSwap In the end it was a very simply modification, I just commented out all the lines of code that called any action EXCEPT for the line that plays the sound, which I changed to a different WAV file to make it obvious to the user that the "system" won't let them into that menu. I've tested it with all the settings I'm using and it works perfectly.
  12. Thanks Blur, Rather than remove the Service Menu, can I alter the code so those options still appear but they don't do anything? I'm not great at programming but I can see structure in the code so I might have a look and see how involved it is. If I figure it out i can then mod the PNGs and change the labels on those options to "Unused" or something like that. I don't blame you for wanting to simplify the options - there's a crazy amount of variables to consider in there which would make it very difficult to "balance" the code. What sort of app do I need to recompile the AHK script?
  13. So does no-one have any suggestions on how to resolve either of these issues?
  14. I have just updated from WIP5 to WIP8 as I've noticed focus issues in an increasing number of tables. Whilst I'm very happy to report that ALL the focus issues appear to have cleared up, I have noticed another problem. I have opted for useExitMenu = False as I am using this setup in a machine at my local sporting club, so I didin't want people fumbling their way into the Service Menu and screwing things up. I still want then to be able to view Flyers and Instructions though, so I have kept buttons for those functions on the cab. The problem is, if you hit either Instructions or Flyers whilst the game is running, upon exiting back to the game the flippers are disabled. All other functions work, such as plunger, credit, exit etc but nothing will bring control of the flippers back. THe flipper sounds still happen when pressing the flipper buttons but they don't operate. If I revert back to the menu (ie useExitMenu = True) then this problem goes away, but i give a bunch of total morons access to the Service Menu! I have also downloaded WIP9 and can confirm that exactly the same thing occurs. I'm happy to compile my own version of FPLaunch.ahk if someone can point out either how to fix the "broken" flippers, or disable the Service Menu. For the record I am running my own nLite version of XP. Looking forward to suggestions........
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