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  1. OK! I include the themes this week

  2. OK! I include the themes this week

  3. We're in teh middle of updatint the wiki, that HyperHq doesnt exist anymore, HyperList handles all the list generation needs now.

  4. I'm actually setting up the wiki and hyperspin asks hyperHQ v.

  5. What problems are you having with HyperList?

  6. Hello bad boy I'm working on hyperspin and I missed the hyperhq v. for games list as I do now if HyperList also failed me?

    ATT: Awaiting response.

  7. Check the wiki, it gives some basic instructions on how to set up mame.

  8. hello,

    hi fis the dowload HYPERSPIN the pc and now I am developing my first mame that he and the games do not open.

    do I open? when I choose, for example, the king of fhiter 2003?

  9. Hello I am adapting the software hyperpin and would make the lease (s) device (s) in shops here in Brazil or seje bars, bakeries, games rooms, with the purpose of acquiring income.

    and multiplication of equipment and would like to know if I can use the name of hyperpin and hyperspin curtailment for the same trade.

    ATT: Alexander Basilio.

    Awaiting response.

  10. ola amigo me add; ai poderemos trocar ideias ok?

  11. Just remove them from the database xml file

  12. Hello friend how do I remove tables, for example would like to leave only one table in play! no other on the wheel only a table name at most a 5 on the wheel?

  13. Hello : I would like to know why the program crashes when I press the enter key would be the key to choose the game, asking me can not find c: \ games \ futuri pimball \ tables2001_v200 fpt ??
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