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  1. I loved all of their previous work and I am sure this will not disappoint either!
  2. That's pretty badass. Wish I was local, would have loved to lend a hand with the build or at least to see it in person.
  3. well the "issue" is with the AV program giving false-positives. if you downloaded it from this site just add it to the exceptions list and play some games!
  4. Parallels should be able to run it as you can tune it to you needs as far as system resources go but it would not make sense doing that when you have Boot Camp. Windows 7 would run natively and at full speed, not to mention you can boot right into it vs booting Mac OS then booting the virtual machine then starting up HS. If you have a Mac already or plan on getting one anyway I'd go that route, otherwise, for the sake of saving money I'd go with a cheaper PC. Maybe one of those HP touch something-or-another.
  5. Memory leak will take some time to effect the system. Just like when you leave a web browser open, over time it starts to eat up the memory. I've never had it crash the system but it's possible. Now, how long will it take with that, I don't know. Do a little more extensive testing. Leave it on for several hours and see what it does. I can help with if you want me too. You can send me the movie you've created and I can lunch it and leave it overnight and see if I notice any leaks.
  6. I really like that idea and would like to see what you come up with!
  7. Hey, I just tried replacing SpecialA1 and it worked. I created an AS 3.0 document in CS5 that was 300x100 and just exported using default movie settings and put it in Special directory. When I enter mame wheel I see my image.
  8. I have not tried it but just read in another thread the other day that it's supposed to be actionscript 3.0
  9. Congrats on the new family addition! Time to start making a tiny arcade cab for him
  10. I've been watching this build. Pretty impressive for sure! Can't wait to see it finished.
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