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  1. Version 20100318


    Nintendo 64 Customized 3D Box Art with Cartridge Images
  2. azzbarb

    Super Nintendo 3D Box Pack

    Version 1.4


    Super Nintendo 3D Box Pack
  3. azzbarb

    Super Nintendo 2D Box Pack

    Version 1.4


    Super Nintendo Entertainment System 2D Box Pack
  4. Version 20100326


    Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3/VER.C1) - tektagt (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  5. azzbarb

    Bang! - bang (MAME)

    Version 20090224


    Bang! - bang (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  6. azzbarb

    R-Pod MkII Driving Simulator

    The finish you get looks great, what is the black paint you use and do you use a roller?
  7. azzbarb

    Is anyone still working on Hyperspin 2.0

    i heard BBB faked his death and now lives in cuba with 2pac and elvis
  8. azzbarb

    how big is your HDD?

    about 10 inches, ohhhh sorry you said hard drive i have about 2tb with loads of systems but for ps2, gamecube, wii, etc i just have a selection of the best games available.
  9. start using sketchup, its easy to learn and there are plugins loads of free plugins, i make 2d drawings in a cnc software then if i need to make a 3d model i import dxf or dwg to sketchup, use makefaces free plugin and then start making a 3d model from that
  10. azzbarb

    Painting Auto Finish

    for the best finish and long lasting, 2pack automotive paint is best to use but you would need to know what your doing as its dangerous stuff, i've sprayed lots of mdf with it but i am a pro car painter if your looking for a cheap method then i would recommend using emulsion paint with a roller then if you want it gloss give it a coat with clear varnish, i've just done some cnc'ed door plaques this way and the finish was exellent. also remember the prep work is the key to getting a good finish, don't try and cover up shoddy work with the final coat of paint as it will show through in the end, good look
  11. i've uploaded a psd file to ftp of a copy of the original theme from this thread, i have just traced the guys pic, someone can put it into hypertheme and create a theme from it or do a bit more work on it in photoshop, i'm working on my own similar style theme but untill i have finished this could work for now, its in upload here>Azzbarb>globel hs theme. also i was playing around with 3d and thought this might look good, what do you think? obversely its no where near a finished theme.
  12. no i said i did not plan on releasing it cos i thought the guy who started this thread was gona get his done, i will finish it cos it looks like he is not around anymore.
  13. well not sure if the original author is going to finish and upload his but this is what i did, i did this because i wanted to test some special effects with after effects and did not plan on releasing it, anyway its not finished and i threw it together quite quickly.
  14. i can post a pic but i don't want to upset the guy who started this thread as he might be in the process of finishing his, i'll do a bit more work on it and post a pic if nobody minds
  15. i started to make my own version of this theme as i wanted to try something with after effects with it, if this guy does not release his i could get mine finished i suppose.