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  1. You're welcome! Yep, the speakers are way too deep to fit in the backbox. I had to de-case them and remove the speakers, which can be tricky because of the way the cables are constructed. I had to re-wire certain things. It's working great, but I would recommend getting shallower speakers or get car ones instead, since this is kind of the way it looks de-cased anyway -Kris
  2. You're very welcome! Since I took the time to put this image together for another thread, I might as well share it here. This is how my coin door open/close is triggered. Only one click happens when the door swings open and only one click happens when the door swings closed: -Kris
  3. For all of you interested, here's a compilation of files that can be used to print many different types of stickers to add that authentic feel to your build. I'm not the author and all credit goes to the authors. I just made it easier for you to find everything in one place I also added my own Williams logo re-trace as well. This logo matches 1 to 1 the speaker panel present in my Monster Bash. http://www.antropus.com/rangopinball/antropus_stickers.zip Softwares that can be used to open the files: Adobe Photoshop (open most of them) Adobe Illustrator Adobe Acrobat Reader Open Office Or any other software compatible with PDF, AI, PNG. JPG, ODT or DOC files. Cheers, -Kris
  4. I think it's related to the core.vbs version you are running. It was for me. Rename your files and try downloading and installing this full package here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?10980-Tutorial-How-to-config-Ledwiz-PacDrive&p=100936&viewfull=1#post100936 It should solve the problem. It did for me. You can then use Zeb's file contents to add support for the many tables already supported. Also, this reduced drastically the stutter I was having with some tables: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=23287#entry214045 Good luck, -Kris
  5. Thank you so much mikekim! You made so much progress on your build, learning new tools at same time and now you look very experienced, building some very complicated stuff! I love the materials and design of your build. Very innovative! I'm kind of on the same boat, learning those new power tools, soldering, woodwork etc. I had some experience doing some small renovations around our house, but nothing like what I learned during this project. I'm sure your finished one will look remarkable. Keep going man. I can't wait to see it finished!!! -Kris
  6. No worries! About the light domes, the only color combo that I felt it got compromised was pure blue flashing under the yellow dome. It loses intensity and gets a little green colored (color theory explains why ). But you know, nothing too bad that will convince me to replace the domes! I'm sure you will be fine with the tinted domes. As long as the film is not too thick the light will propagate just fine -Kris
  7. evil eye, the files are available online. Some are part of chriz's thread, some I found using google search. I'll compile the whole collection (combined with the Williams logo retraced), save and upload the file so you guys can download it. I'll do this over the week. Zeb, thanks master! And thank you for the beautiful job with your boards. It looks so clean inside thanks in part to your clever solution Here's a crappy little video (vertical and short because my Iphone ran out of space... sorry :-/ ) Sound was left low so you can hear everything clicking. Watch it in 1080p to compensate for the vertical aspect ratio: As you can see, the colored light domes have little to no effect at all displaying the correct colors. You can see the same intense red and green passing by the purple and yellow domes without a problem -Kris ps.: the Bally logo is temporary
  8. Thank you Zeb. Yeah, I'll get those lower voltages from the PSU. Safer as you said. The progress was slower but steady this weekend. Got the mercury switches installed and they are working fairly nicely, but still need adjustment. I installed the rest of the contactors, without the mod I'm planing to add (for metallic sounds). Fixed the coin door switch a little better, replaced all RGBs and all lights are now working 100%! I also had fun printing some stickers: here's the shaker motor with the warning for moving parts sticker: Fake Williams "Rango" original sticker inside: All supervised by my 2 year old son Mathias: Some reproduction of the original ones (thanks Chriz for the idea and files!) Keeping the kids away: Fake Williams "Rango" original sticker on the back: All stickers on the back: Not a lot left other than installing the DMD and creating the artwork. -Kris
  9. I'm in touch with them right now. I don't think they can make an all-in-one solution, since transformers are only AC and to get it converted to DC a power supply would be necessary anyway. I think they can make a 80v/100v combo though, but the lower voltages would still have to come from the computer PSU. -Kris
  10. Correct. The latch is deep, but there's still plenty of room for the glass go up. So you lift it until it touches the top of the box then release it until it touches the H channel on top of the speaker panel. Lock it an done! The glass was cut to have very little room for moving once the latch is in place. Also, because the TV bezel is right there, the latch cannot be locked into a 90 degree position, so I changed it to lock at 45 degrees and it works perfectly. -Kris
  11. Ha! I JUST posted this over the VPForums: Soooooo... it's probably very possible! Do you happen to know the precise numbers for each voltage? As soon as I get the precise info I'll send it straight to them and keep my fingers crossed that the price will not be absurd If someone else knows those numbers, feel free to post here. Once I have this info I'll send to them and ask how much would cost to make a batch of 10, for example. -Kris
  12. Your idea is actually great. They didn't have this option on their list though. It's not a custom transformer, it's something they have listed but is only built on demand. I wonder if they would make one like you said, like a custom order. That would be perfect -Kris
  13. No, I got a cheapo Japanese transformer, 120v to 100v. I measured 102v out of it, so it should be ok The 80v is made on demand and it takes about 5 weeks... so, still another two weeks to go :-/ -Kris
  14. Here's my contribution: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?22893-Rango-s-Dirtball-%28or-DirtPinball%29-46-32-DMD-Wide-Body -Kris
  15. To anyone interested in using a real plasma DMD instead of the LED version, please check this thread out: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=23249&st=0 -Kris
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