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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.

Hypersync and the FTP are currently down to change servers. Thank you for your patience.


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  1. Nevermind, I figured it out. Didn't have the exact path in .cfg file. Please disregard the PM. Thanks.

  2. What codes are you thanking me for? :)

  3. They are hard to find publicly atm. We may release them in a torrent on UG in the near future. Depends on if the mods allow it as the Singe devs sent UG a notice to take down torrents including Singe...Makes things rather difficult.

  4. Dude thanks for the codes and would like to ask you something where I can find the roms for:

    American Laser Games

    Daphne Singe v1.0.10

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