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  1. Hey, Im building my first cab and just stumbled on to your HyperDMD project thread. Any chance I can get a copy of this? Thanks!

  2. I attached my playfield display on one end via a hinge. I can now prop it up much in the same way that you would a car hood or a real pinball. I can get to the guts of the cab without removing the playfield.
  3. Everyone... After a long break (life getting in the way), I'm back... have some catching up to do. What version is the LEDWiz at now?
  4. Thanks... Its almost time to get back into the Virtual Pin... Been working on another, very cool project.
  5. Hey guys... Its been a while... working on catching up...
  6. With the 'default' system, I would need to change everything. I would need to re-wire my cab in places as the wires are trimmed to length. I would have to retest everything. I would have to reconfigure my tables. If it happens, I would probably do it. Until then, not doing anything...
  7. Neat idea. Problem is, no way I am changing it now... Mine is close to Chris' and i dont have the clearance on the wires anymore...
  8. pick either the LED-Wiz or the pacDrive. most use the LED-Wiz
  9. If the issues are with the LEDs, that should not be EMF.
  10. Thanks. I will take a look. Need to find where to get the heatsinks.
  11. Chris, I could use your expertise. Looking at the LED calculator. If the LED-Wiz limits the LED outputs to 500mA, what is the lowest rated LED I can go with? 15? 18? Same for all colors?
  12. ok... so I got the Cree LEDs. When connected to a battery bank (6v), with a 29 ohm resistor, its freaking bright! Especially compared to the china LED. HOWEVER! When connected to the LED-Wiz, 12V, with a 22 ohm resistor, its only slightly brighter than the China ones. Definitely not $20 brighter. Why do you think that is? Is it that the LED-Wiz is only putting out 500mA and the battery is putting out more? Will changing the resistors help? Unless I can get them brighter, I am very disappointed.
  13. Yikes! Make sure you attach the weight well. I would hat to see it fly off and hit the LCD (or you)...
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