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  1. Hey, Im building my first cab and just stumbled on to your HyperDMD project thread. Any chance I can get a copy of this? Thanks!

  2. Mine seems to be fixed now... Not sure what I did...
  3. Got Pause working, but now HyperPin loses focus. I have it loading my HyperDMD software, so focus is on it. I have tried a couple of 'click' commands, but its not working. I have to Alt-Tab to get focus. Ideas?
  4. I got the loading part to work. Thanks for that! But Pause is not working...
  5. The PNG files seem to be corrupt in the zip file. Can you please post them here or check the zip file?
  6. I know vb.net as well. Happy to help develop it.
  7. if we can get the original code, we can extend the existing one as its pretty good...
  8. Do you have access to the code? The current editor works great, but getting a list of missing files would kick ass!
  9. too bad. I would love to see if he will opensource it so that more work can be done on it.
  10. hey, Love the program... use it all the time. Any plans on adding features?
  11. You mean, Winterpeg? Sorry, couldn't help it... I definitely dont miss the Canadian Winters (originally from Calgary, AB).
  12. Quick question... I am trying to get something like this to work with Future Pinball. I know that I cant put the pictures over the playfield, but I was hoping that I could do something with the DMD area on my pin. I copied what was necessary to FP in the launch script, but now FP does exit at all. VP works great. thoughts?
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