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  1. Yes, the 46 inch LCD is affixed to the cabinet and can not be recessed. Additionally I used a 15.6 inch LCD for the DMD so there is no room under it either. I guess we are going for the flasher bar on top! Thanks guys.
  2. My first cab had a flush mount screen where the the playfield was near the glass, not sunken like the new designs. My friend would now like to add a 5 flasher bar to this cab. Its difficult to recess the playfield as everything fits nice now and the flipper buttons would hit. Any recommendations to add a flasher bar to this design would be grateful. Here is a pic of the first 2 cabs I put together, perhaps the other owner would be interested too in adding a flasher bar if its possible. I LOVE the flashers, so we have to come up with something Here is a pic, where can they go?
  3. Yes a DE backbox is maybe 2-3 inches taller. I fit a 26 inch HANSPREE in the backbox of a DemoMan and JudgeDredd along with a 15 inch LCD (for the DMD) and it fit the space precisely.
  4. I saw these and played them at the Allentown show tonight. Great job man!
  5. So how do you get the retrocade psd file? This looks very cool!
  6. Nice work Bill, I like the artwork very much! Can't wait to see it on your cab. Awesome!
  7. Wow, what a great idea! Would you consider an option for a 5 bank of LED flashers w/ LEDWIZ? Honestly, thats the only other thing I see as essential. Great stuff!
  8. Just for grins, I flipped my pin2k glass and put the clear half at the top for the DMD to reflect. As you say, the DMD image is all blury, so make no mistake you need either tint or a pin2k glass for a sharp DMD image. btw awesome artwork!
  9. When I made the first 2 cabs I used the Hanspree monitors. Cheap and nice looking. I bought mine at Walmart. Maybe check their website as they ship to a store near you (provided there IS a store near you).
  10. The table uses the standard keyboard #5 key for add coin. No problem here. You can also set it to freeplay in the rom settings (press #7, then navigate thru the menu with #8 and #9, #7 is select)
  11. Interesting placement of the DMD. Looking forward to seeing it installed. I favor the DMD lower like in CV and the pin2k games as you can see the DMD when playing without looking up. This will be cool for sure!
  12. hmm, try this link for the table http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wgwt19gfv67g1z7
  13. ok, here is the modified version I have been working on. This one should play on anyones cabinet and doesn't required FVP. It includes several VP9.1X enhancements and runs well on my cab. Thanks BBB for permission to mod. Its still a WIP, but it's at the phase now that I think most people will enjoy on their cab. Give it a play http://www.mediafire...wgwt19gfv67g1z7 The LEDWIZ config for 5 flashers is already available and the flasher show is great in this game.
  14. Really nice design work Josh thanks for sharing and keep up the great work! Have you done any for pin2k cabs? It would be cool to see how they look on a real cab.
  15. I like this table very much and Bad Boy Bill did a tremendous job on the FVP. However with the advances in VP9.14, we can modify this table and make it run on just about everyones system without FlashVP. I am in the middle of updating this table and asked Bill for permission to MOD. When I receive permission I will show you a screenprint of the WIP.
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