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  1. Really nice design work Josh thanks for sharing and keep up the great work! Have you done any for pin2k cabs? It would be cool to see how they look on a real cab.
  2. Wow, love the Hyperpin graphics! Superheroes are definately awesome on the cab.
  3. Wow, that's impressive! Is it difficult to configure tables? It looks awesome.
  4. Its easy to setup the ipac2 and well worth it. One connection on your button goes to ground, the other goes to one of the inputs on the ipac. THey have a winipac control app that you basically click on the input, and tell it what key to emulate. Its really simple to setup. I put it in both of my cabs and it works great.

    You can download the documentation from:



  5. Hey there. I was reading one of your post about your ipac2. I was considering getting it. I built my cab and have the control panel all wired with buttons and everything. But the issue was i bought the x arcade pcb and buttons ( joysticks as well ). So ofcourse the pcb board doesn't even work. So now im shopping around for a new keyboard encoder. And the ipac2 seems fairly simple. What do you think of it now that you are using it? How was the set up?

  6. Chris, the contactors came in! I ordered 2 3RT1016-1BB41 24V siemens contactors. I also may order 2 more (3RT1016-1BB42 24V). I can't seem to find 12V contactors only the 24V, but I thought you said it would be ok at 24V.

    For the power supply, you recommend a standalone power supply to drive the contactors? I guess I would need at least a 24V power supply? How about something like this:

    DC 24V 1A Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply 25



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