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  1. New movie of upgraded cab:
  2. Topic ressurect To be short i removed all the lights from the top cabinet and replaced it with a nice light bar from zebs board... its awesome ! and so much better then the rgb leds i was using from GGG which are normally for buttons
  3. Guys, I still need a graphics artist who is willing to extend my mediaval madness sideart. Since i but the dmd box under my head i need the graphics to be longer Thanks !
  4. Topic resurrection LOL Guys i need to find an artist who has the mediëval maddness side art he can enlarge or make smaller. Since i got my dmd underbox the sideart on the cabinet does not match anymore i need it bigger Anyone know of anyone? thanks in advance
  5. Thanks to your superb work !
  6. Thanks , it's amazing the dmd glow rocks !
  7. Thx man , can't wait to see yours finished also beer time !
  8. Look what mameman made for me : very nice work !
  9. Thanks , and thanks for your work will be sweet
  10. Sweeeet looking awesome !!! Question : what do you recommend to mount the dmd to the back of the panel?
  11. Good work ... looking forward to seeing it action Maybe some dutchies around here should setup a VP meet with bbq
  12. Yeah you could sell a whole package like that
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