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  1. solid mate , do you mind if i pm you
  2. hi guys i wondered if you can help me ,i just got 10tb hd and wanted to know what sets for hyperspin to download for the following, (should i go iso ,bin or pbp? or redump true rip, it all a bit confusing .i am looking for the smallest size unzipped) thanks ps1 ps2 psp pc engin cd turbo grafx cd sega cd sega saturn dreamcast 3do wii
  3. nice one mate ,you brought up some good points in your video. it will be interesting if the content creators can do something with it. maybe take it to down another path.
  4. thanks mate for the help i check it out.
  5. thanks guys for your response, and i like your positivity andyman (lol i wish i could)
  6. hyperspin is the no1 front end for me , i loved retro pie and attract mode for the simplicity of running it (ie no windows) but you soon realize the linitations with the power and emulator support. missing model 2,3 and singe daphne etc as a collector . come on hyperspin lets show these clones how it done
  7. yeah would be great and changeable themes, so what the latest on hyperspin development , see a release in may and thinking for doing a new setup, any news for the future
  8. ok mate thanks, i think these need to be looked into, the artist name is hursty and he normally makes themes for retropie his work is amazing.
  9. hi guys i just see this post on another website and wondered if hyperspin surport these or in the future. thanks
  10. thanks mate for your reply . i will sort them Manually. do you have a nvidia shield
  11. hi guys , i am just wondering how to save space and use the same videos snapsAtari Classics.ini i have for Mame, for Atari classics ,capcom classics etc. i am using shield . do i change something in the setting ini i have tryed this [video defaults] path=N:\Hyperspin\Media\MAME\Video thanks
  12. that is a great idea mate, looking forward to it being finished
  13. looks phat mate. what is the other little screen for ? keep up the good work thanks for sharing
  14. i even had problems with running these games on a intel hd 4000, on board graphics . now i am running nvida 750ti and all tatio type games run with no problems,
  15. peace,love,unity

  16. High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also known as H.265, is a video compression standard, one of several potential successors to the widely used AVC (H.264 or MPEG-4 Part 10) i have been looking into this at the moment for hd rips of movies . one of the series i got was 90 gig in x264 format and now 23 gig in x265 format. looking at them both and cant tell the difference . so if converted right they look great. but some of the other rips i had was blurry so would need to experiment. also i am not to sure how much of a strain on your pc to watch these, and maybe some one with a less powerful computer might not be able to run them. this is just a thought, keep up the good work guys
  17. nothing special ,lol thanks alot mate , you are in the zone
  18. i would also like a copy of the xml, if possible .thanks
  19. amazing mate well done , love the changing marqee , and the colour coded buttons. ,thanks for sharing
  20. nice i would like to see it when finished, keep it up
  21. this is a great idea mate i have one for gun games, just need one for spinners and driving games. thanks ps i think subzero would be the man for the theme,
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