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  1. thank you for your reply i will try that that
  2. thanks for getting back to me guys, i give it a try with the wheel size redution in hq
  3. sorry not sure where to post this,i downloaded the hd special art pack and looks fantastic, i am looking for sharper images for the wheel art or any info to make it look as crisp as possible , i have a 4k tv qled 55inch and they looking a bit blurry, i have shrunk them using fotosizer by 75% so they are the correct size, would ajusting the size of the wheel art in hyper hq make it any better, any advice would be great thanks (wish i had my 1080p tv but it died and hyperspin looked so crisp on it)
  4. nice one mate i like it, keep it up thanks for showing
  5. is hyper sync upto date with all the latest themes videos artwork. do i get the best video snaps from here looking for the best resolution(hq) and at 60fps, thanks
  6. peace,love,unity

  7. nothing special ,lol thanks alot mate , you are in the zone
  8. i would also like a copy of the xml, if possible .thanks
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