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  1. Zeaede

    Atari ST

    Question about the Atari Usually roms are in st or ste but some games are in subfolders with multi files What those roms have in common i see boot.st and .rpg If i try open boot.st nothing happends?
  2. Zeaede


  3. Took me ages to figure out all the classics series can be found in the mame Figured it out after i learned how to set upp each classics system on rocketlauncher While we are at xml's some systems is in need of update, playstation 1, psp among other any news there?
  4. Im not asking how get roms more like what to look after When using rename tools you get a hint what xml are renaming after what releases But if i complete a set it dosen't really matter from where i got the roms as long as the game itself is right?
  5. I have only seen some 30 hyperspin ready rom sets far from over 200 can be added Do you get roms from like no-intro combined with reddump and other releases to get complete systems?
  6. I have read it and it's a good start but it is easy to miss but that is more how to install hyperspin as a system and emulators? That's why i would prefer a subforum with each system seperated with their own thread/sticky
  7. There are well known turtorials over at youtube but also step by step with pictures would be nice with a small description for each pic If 4-5 people or more covered this up decided what system each person would add guide to it wouldn't be to much work i hope
  8. Issues i been having How to run isos or how to set up mame/mess correctly or what tag should i use so hyperspin will recognize zip files or other files or should roms been unzipped or stay zipped?
  9. Something i would like to make thing easier, how about a sub forum with guides turtorials and step by step how to install each possible system om hyperspin that is allowed with video and pictures? For me as kind of new i think it's to much information at once when im reading the forum For example how im thinking, when you are reading the Main forum http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?2-HyperSpin-Main-Forum There you have a couple of stickys, i would like each oneof this sticky on the new sub forum be sticky for setup guides for each system instead. Say one Sticky is setup guid for Spectrum, the 2-4 first posts explains how to setup emulators video wheels etc Just to make things easier I had a look over at EMU movies and what systems their videos supported and it was over 100 so a subforum for this would be nice
  10. Nice guide a suggestion to complete the text guide i also would se a step by step guide with pictures A subforum for different emulators how installing would be nice instead of having all in one place go back forward Like this Forum: > How install emulators Sub forum > Nintendo 8 Sub forum > nintendo 16 Sub forum > Nintendo 64
  11. Zeaede

    Mame 0.153

    There are setups on the web but the packages from PD is different when it's the whole package, the issue with those guides i have found mosthly contains only how to get a rom somewhere and set up that rom only. On PD there are 4-5 different leseases from same set Otherwise thanks for the other info
  12. Zeaede

    Mame 0.153

    Just how to set up mame in general, first with mame secondly with hyperspin, if i can't run it without hs i propably wouldn't do it with hs? I have figured out i can run different mame roms depending on which emulators im running But i havent found any decent step by step guide for this With mame there is 3-4 releases where to put what in what folders etc
  13. Zeaede

    Mame 0.153

    I have tried getting into MAME for a while but i can't figure out how to get it work, with the 40gb release i can run some games but with the other releases including the CHD's i think i only mess it up Is there some kind of turtorial with step by step and picture guide how to get it right with all the releases? Thanks in advance
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