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  1. Is there a way I can have Hyperspin launch inside the MAME wheel as opposed to the Main Menu? (I still want the other wheels available) When I power up I want the Arcade games to always show, and if I decide to play something else I can hit back.
  2. benplace


  3. Its not compatible with my Galaxy s7?
  4. I cannot find this in the Play store... Will it run on my Galaxy s7 with the Samsung controller?
  5. Version 20141102


    Boxing Bugs - boxingb (MAME)
  6. Go to the 1:50 mark...
  7. So I got the eXoDOS collection 1-5, which is AWESOME and it says in the NFO that it includes a hyperspin module. However, for the life of me, I cannot find it in any of the packs... Anyone have any luck integrating eXoDOS with hyperspin?
  8. Awesome! that was it. Mine was Sony PlayStation uncapitalized the S in PlayStation and now it works.
  9. If you mean the zip file in the main menu folder then yes it is capitalized. Also it is capital everywhere else I could think of to look.
  10. I am having an odd issue When I open hyperspin and scroll down to my Playstation selection it looks like the screen on the left, if I go into ANY selection and back out to the main menu it looks correct like the text on the right. Anyone have any ideas?
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