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  1. It's not that easy this time though guys as the XML (ini file) has been changed.
  2. A bit off-topic but has anyone managed to pair a fake wii-remote with their bluetooth dongle, in windows 8.1?
  3. Fair enough. Just out of interest which 4 player wii games do require more than 4 buttons?
  4. Personally i think that CP has too many buttons!! Player 1 & 2 should have 7 buttons. Players 3 & 4 only need 4 buttons. I cant think of any 4 player games that need more than 4 buttons. Why so many buttons up top? Is that a trackball up top? That needs to come into the center or you will mash your fingers every time you use it, e.g golden tee. I would add a spinner as well.
  5. Bit off-topic but is the DS a playable emulator?
  6. I'm with spotup - what is the status with this? OP guide is steem, other people say they are using hatari. Craig is your OP the guide to follow?
  7. I would say that CPU requirement is strangely related to what monitor you have! If you have an arcade monitor then there is no point getting the best i5 as you are limited on what graphics card you can use. I think (might need someone to confirm) but you will struggle to run playstation, wii, dreamcast with an arcade monitor compatible graphics card.
  8. On my mates cab we left it stock. So 6 buttons per player and a P1 and P2 button. Then use the ipac and set a shift key. So shift P1 was credit etc.
  9. Don't go too mental with buttons as the CP can look really cluttered. Check out the bible on CP button layouts here - http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/layout.html Personally i like the 6 button in the picture or the 8 button astro-city layout. TBH you only need 8 button for playstation emulation. Some emulators i just didnt bother to setup. N64 and Atari Jaguar spring to mind.
  10. Yes you need to point 7zip.exe in settings in HLHQ. Seriously though use mess for mega drive.
  11. I will be asking my missus the same question tomorrow.... I would normally use them as an exhaust.
  12. Agree with Potts. The mess.ini is exactly the same as a mame.ini
  13. For me I just grabbed the bios files from PD and put them in the ROMs folder. Then create another folder for your games. Then in HLHQ just use mess as the emulator. Probably the easiest to set up.
  14. Thanks again gigapig. Is there a retroarch setup guide? What systems do you have it running?
  15. Just wanted to say big thanks for your help. Turning on HLSL in HyperHQ fixed my mame graphics issue. Zsnes kept changing the display by itself so i have removed it and i am using mess now. This works great, and i can use my mame HLSL settings too! (Where did the thanks button go?!)
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